Controlling Pests In Your Home

The presence of pests in your home can send you scurrying away as fast as the roach, mouse or spider that invaded your living space. There are many reasons why controlling pests in your home is important, as the presence of certain types of pests can lead to disease, structural damage or even cause a fire in your home. Pest control will help you avoid the risks of household pests so that you can regain control over your indoor environment. Consider all the benefits of professional pest control services in your home.

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Trying to get rid of household pests yourself could be dangerous to your health. Exposure to pesticides can directly damage your eyes, skin and respiratory system. Exposure to the feces or urine of certain species can spread disease, while exposure to hair, saliva and waste of some species can cause serious allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Professional pest control companies understand the risks of each type of household pest. Service technicians are equipped with all the necessary safety equipment and personal protective gear to avoid harmful exposures to animal waste, allergens and pest control chemicals. By hiring pest control, you can avoid the safety risks of household pests and leave the dirty work to the professionals.


The presence of pests in your home can quickly lead to a mess. Rodents including mice, rats and squirrels are able to chew through just about anything in your home, from drywall and insulation to wiring and wood. It is not unknown for animals to even chew through pipes to gain access to water. Rodents, insects and arachnids also invade your food, leaving behind their waste products and leaving the food inedible for human consumption. Professional pest control gets rid of the pests so that your home can be maintained in a state of cleanliness for the health and safety of your family.

Injury and Disease Avoidance

Rodents such as squirrels, mice and rats, along with the fleas that they carry, can spread many diseases to humans. Some of these diseases, including plague and hantavirus, can be fatal. Bites from household pests can also endanger your health and may lead to injuries such as skin infections that require urgent medical treatment. Using a professional pest control service to get rid of the problem greatly reduces your risk of injury and disease exposure.


Trying to get rid of the pests in your house could take weeks or months if you try to do it all by yourself. Hiring pest control minimizes the amount of time that it takes to eliminate pests from your house. Instead of spending hours or even days on your hands and knees crawling through tight spaces and trying to locate a rodent nest or track down the location of the infestation, pest control experts have at hand the latest in technology to identify and locate the source of your pest problem and resolve the situation so it is eliminated.

This post was provided by Ross Mathes, a new home owner in Toronto. He contacted All-Pest Control Services Inc. for his pest control Toronto needs this summer.

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