Bird Control – Learn How To Manage a Growing Problem

Learn how to make your property bird free with these handy tips from Paul O’ Neill. Never have to clean up feathers and bird mess again

Bird control is the term used to deal with the problem of bird infestation at a property, area or building. The aim of implementing bird control is to stop birds from landing, roosting or nesting in and near a property. This is a country wide problem and affects most major cities throughout Ireland and Europe. With the increase in population of major cities and the knock on effect of increases in rubbish produced, birds are finding ideal breeding grounds to grow in numbers. Pigeon populations in particular have seen a sharp growth in numbers. To combat this ever growing population, a growing number of pest control agencies have taken to offering bird control as one of their services.

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Various methods of bird control in use throughout Ireland include visual deterrents, audio deterrents, toxic chemicals and birds of prey. Physical deterrents such as plastic spikes mounted onto the tops of walls are one of the most common and cheapest methods of bird control. These spikes are attached to the problem areas and thus prevent birds from roosting or landing on the areas treated with this device. Properly used and implemented, these devices can tackle the bird control problem both quickly and humanely.

Chemicals can also be used to tackle this nuisance problem. Poison is laid out in the general area where the birds are congregating. Once consumed the birds die quickly. However, this leaves you with the problem of disposing of the carcasses of many dead birds. There are strict laws governing the use of poisons in cities so it is important to check before you use any of these things on your property. Health and safety of the public is paramount.

Birds of prey are also employed to deal with this problem. Falcons are the bird of choice but this method can be very expensive and time consuming. This method of bird control was used most recently at Wimbledon 2012 and proved to be a great success. Unfortunately, most average people may not have the budget that Wimbledon has so it is most likely that the use of plastic spikes and netting will be most people’s method of dealing with a very annoying situation. The estimates of the bird population vary from person to person but estimates for Antarctica alone reach over 20 billion. Be sure to deal with the problem as humanely as possible otherwise who knows what may happen. Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” rings a bell…….

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