Ant Treatments That Can Come In Handy

Ants are a constant problem in our homes these days and they have become a nuisance. It seems that no matter how many times you try to get rid of them, they just keep coming back. In this case, perhaps there may be something wrong with the methods or the treatment being used to get rid of them. This article offers different types of bait treatments for specific types of ants that will come in handy to you. When you are familiar with the ants you are dealing with, the easier it will be for you to eliminate them from your home.


Sugar / Pavement Ants

If your constant enemy is sugar ants, then you must try using sweet based ant baits to get rid of them. The pavement ant or the sugar ant is the most common type of ant to invade homes. They are also known as the house ant. You will know that you are dealing with this type of ant when you find small mounds of sand near sidewalks and driveways of your home. Sometimes, these mounds can also be found at the side and inside the home.

Black Ants

Black ants have been known to feed on almost anything and they are very determined when they want to feed. They are also commonly found in homes as well in hospitals or medical facilities that do not practice strict hygiene and abide by sterilization standards. Some black ants are known as Pharaoh Ants and they are often blamed for transferring fatal bacteria. In order to control black ants, you can also use sweet based baits and have them placed near high traffic areas and trails.

Fire Ants

The sting of fire ants has been known to cause severe pain, sweating and even anaphylactic shock. The suitable treatment of this type of ants is protein based bait containing Hydramethylnon granules that needs to be repeated after every two to four weeks. This is necessary as the baiting method is only temporary.

Argentine Ants

The environmental and ecological balance of the country is consistently being damaged by Argentine ants as they kill off native species leaving the respective natural predators of such species to starve. This ant species is also known to transport aphids through gardens in return for the sweet secretions produced by aphids. As such they are indeed social species that can work together with other colonies while feeding on almost anything as well. The suitable type of treatment for this ant is a combination of sweet and protein based baits.

Carpenter Ants

This type of ants looks similar to termites especially when they begin to swarm when coming out of cracks in floorings and walls of houses. Though they do not eat wood, they burrow in them in order to expand their nest. They only have preference for food containing sweets and proteins. As such, the most suitable bait for Carpenter ants is a combination of sugar and protein based bait.

Prevention As A Solution

The best way to treat ants’ infestation is to prevent hem in the first place. Here are a few tips to help you prevent ants from bothering you-

  • Have the dishes done regularly.
  • Use bleach water to wipe down counters in the kitchen each night. Mop the floors with bleach water as well before heading off to bed.
  • Seal cracks and crevices, especially by the door and window, while fixing broken screens.
  • Take out the trash twice or thrice a day. Never let it stay indoors overnight.
  • All your food and leftovers must be placed in tightly sealed plastic containers.

Valerie Matthews is a freelance writer specializing in natural pest control methods. She regularly contributes articles to Admiral Pest Control in Los Angeles County and other pest control websites.

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