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It is always an exciting time when you move into your first house or apartment.  Those bare walls and open spaces have so much potential!  For some, however, the task of adding personality to a place can be a bit daunting.  Very few of us were born with the decorator gene after all.  The good news is that with a little guidance and a few ideas, you can add some really amazing personal touches to your home that can really give it character.  Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

The Small Things
Start by looking around for the small things that can have a big impact.  A few brightly colored pillows on the sofa can add some pop, while your favorite type of plant on a side table can help bring cheer.  One personal touch that can be a lot of fun is photo tile coasters.  These coasters can be purchased online, and can be of any design that you want.  Have a favorite pet?  A picture from your favorite vacation?  Perhaps a logo from your own startup company?  Whatever you can dream up can be put on these coasters, which then add a little whimsy to your home, not to mention protect your furniture.  Speaking of furniture…

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The Big Things
Furniture makes a major statement about your home and your personality.  Many people start out with some hand me downs, but over time upgrade to their own pieces.  Don’t just head to the local mall and buy the first chair you see!  Take a little time and find items that you love as you will be using them day in and day out most likely for years to come.  A good way to begin is by doing a search online of the piece of furniture you are looking for.  This way you can compare all different styles and get a feel for what you like best.

The Colorful Things
Paint alone can really transform a room.  When choosing paint colors, be sure they don’t clash with items or furniture that you already own.  Know that color is also said to have an effect on emotions, so keep that in mind when choosing.  The bedroom should usually be in a restful color, while the living room can be in more vibrant shades.  If you live in an apartment and are not allowed to paint, then artwork may be the best way of livening up your walls, though some get creative with fabrics and other items pinned to the walls.  You can also use throw rugs to add splashes of color to a room as well as add warmth.

The Personal Things
Sure, you have your fun personalized coasters, but don’t stop there!  Don’t be afraid to really show some personality in your home by displaying things that make you happy.  A football memorabilia collection, or your wall display of vintage spoons may not be found in the “model” version of a home, but who wants to live in such a boring space anyway?  Find ways to take your passions and create a space that makes you feel happy every time you enter.  If you are a bookworm have high bookshelves and put your books in according to color.  If you collect vintage postcards have them professionally framed and hung in the hallway where you can admire them.  Be creative!

A splash of paint, your collections displayed, and some cute custom tile coasters with your favorite pictures on them…your house will soon be starting to feel like a home!  There are plenty of ideas to explore, and once you’ve started with the basics, it will be hard to stop.  Happy decorating!

Hugh Parker is the owner of, a place where you can create custom tile coasters and other personalized gifts.

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