My Home is Making me Depressed – It is Time for Action!

The other day I visited an incredible home and I can’t stop thinking about it. As soon as I walked up the drive I knew it was going to be impressive inside. The house was clearly recently made, and it looked like it could have been featured on Grand Designs. The house had large windows, white walls and pristine landscaping in the garden.  Walking through the large doors I was first hit by the amount of space, then the incredible pieces of furniture inside.

Time to Decorate

When I got home I felt disappointed. My home was a mess, there was junk all over the place, dirty dishes in the sink and even some walls with tea stains on them where the cup had been tipped when turning the light on or off! It really was shameful. I counted my lucky starts that it was me visiting my friends that day and not the other way round.

Therefore I came to the decision that it was high time I sorted it out. As soon as I kicked off my shoes I got out the cleaning stuff and made a start. I couldn’t put it off any longer! I had finished cleaning the kitchen and the living room beforehand so at least that was now clean. I began looking through some websites and I  found some incredible pieces that I decided to order over the weekend. Out with the old and in with the new.


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Your Home is Your Castle

The way I felt being inside that stunning house was just incredible. I felt more relaxed, at ease and loved spending time there. It’s no wonder I have been feeling down lately looking at my surroundings. I have mixed pieces of furniture, nothing looks like it belongs and everything is cluttered. My friend gave me some brilliant tips on how to distress just through de-cluttering. He said to take a look around and ask yourself what you really use or care about. How many items in your home are there for no apparent reason? When tidying I found old magazines I haven’t read for years, bits of scribbled on paper that mean nothing to me now. There are also chairs and a table that are never used.

Having a clear out is just what I needed. A whole new style for a whole new me. I donated the bits and pieces that I know I can live with to the local charity shop and began to enjoy my new surroundings. I feel better already.

Modern furniture can transform a room and lift your spirits. Go for comfort and style and say goodbye to the stressed out version of you.

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