Making The Most Of Glass In Modern Kitchens

Traditional kitchens were very much focused around wooden units with wood grain design, whilst the walls were mainly part-tiled and part-painted. Tiles were, and still are, considered to be easy to clean and hard wearing, and that is why we use them in our bathrooms and modern wet rooms. However, more and more modern kitchens are taking advantage of the cleanliness and easy clean benefits of glass.

Glass Splash Backs Kitchen

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Glass splash backs are very easy to clean, more so than tiles as we know grime can build up and stain the grout in between them. Glass splash backs are usually made up from one pane of glass and can be wiped with a cloth to clean and they are so easy to maintain too. The cost of glass splash backs is higher than that of the tiles but they are a lot more flexible in terms of the colours you can choose to match your design.

You can have glass splash backs that are measured to your wall or space, and these are often made out of toughened glass to the specification you require. There is a myth that splash backs cannot be cut to tailor a plug socket for example, but that is nonsense as the most reputable splash back companies can set the glass to the exact measurements, taking into account a plug socket or light switch.

The design capabilities are endless with pretty much any colour you desire available to you. A lot of companies are creating glass splash backs with a pattern or a picture in the background so you might have a white splash back with black leaf details, which can look great. Alternatively, you might go for a red splash back with a bouquet of flowers in a vase in the centre. These can look truly great when used in a prominent position and modern kitchens now have glass running down the back of the whole worktop to maintain the modern simplistic look. There are options to have frosted glass with lights behind, or LED lights fitted into the mirror as a trim giving your kitchen an expensive and impressive look for your guests. Another benefit is that toughened glass is extremely hard to break, so much so that you need to throw a brick at it to break it. If you do break it the glass tends to shatter while staying together so you really are safe using this material.

Article written by Jake Ross representing who supply glass splash backs and worktops in a variety of styles and colours.

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