Make Your House a Home to Stay In

In the 21st century, the nesting instinct seems to be flying away. With bankers refusing to extend loans and mortgages to first-time buyers, more people are turning to rented properties and preparing for their next big move. Homemaking is dying out, but even in rented properties, there are simple things you can do to make you feel cosy and settled.

Fill Your House With Good Smells

Smell is a powerful sense. One whiff of baking bread can take you back decades to making loaves from scratch with your Granny. To nestle down in your house, you should fill your home with happy aromas. Usually this involves home cooking – like cake, cookies, or stews – but other times it might just be the light smell of warm, scented candles. Whatever makes you feel good, make sure your house smells of it.

Adopt An Open Door Policy

A welcoming house or apartment promotes positive feelings and inviting your friends to pop over for a chat stops your home from becoming lonely place to be. A place of security for all the laughter and tears that come with life will make your home really special. Be sure you’ve always got tea and biscuits on hand for those in need of comforting – don’t forget the box of tissues! Explore friendly house number designs and different welcome mats to invite guests in.

Keep Your House Clean

Part of nesting is keeping your house in order. Clean regularly and create space in your rooms by organising your possessions. Taking pride in your home means that you can show it off when your family come to visit, however, don’t go too overboard. Your house needs to look lived-in, not OCD. Your guests won’t feel at ease if they are sat in an immaculate living room with a cup of tea – the worry that they might spill a bit or ruin your nice cushion arrangement will stop them from relaxing.

Take Familiar Items With You

Whether this is an old chest-of-drawers or your book collection, take something old with you to your house. Seeing it there will make you feel at home. It may not be particularly attractive or could be a bit cumbersome, but the character is enough to infuse a room with your personality.

Fill Your House With Life

Giving yourself something to nurture in your house, promotes homely feelings. Growing indoor flowers and plants not only brightens up your rooms but can provide you with decoration, edible produce, and cleaner air.

Give Your Place A Makeover

Invest in some paint and decorate your house the way you want it. It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do for your home and it’s relatively cheap to do. Hanging art on your walls turns a blank canvas into something beautiful and more meaningful to you. Look to your furniture too: can you purchase something more homely? Would old furniture look spectacular with a layer of paint? There are so many small things you can do around your house to turn it into a home.

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