Maintaining an Intex Metal Frame Pool

A metal frame Intex pool is an easy way to set up a pool for you or your kids to enjoy when it’s warm, but it does take a little bit of care to maintain properly. Items including your filter, changing water and actual cleaning should all be taken into consideration in order to keep your pool looking new.


Maintaining the Filter

Maintaining an Intex pool filter is relatively easy, especially if you have a smaller pool.  Usually it’s a good idea to replace the filter cartridge every two weeks and to clean it once a week. Try turning off your filter, unscrewing the top and removing the filter. A quick rinse with cold water should keep dirt and debris out of your filter cartridge and housing. Once you’re sure it’s clean or have replaced the cartridge, you can screw it back on. The whole process only takes about 5 minutes and ensures that your Intex pool is clean.  If you have a sand filter, you can do the same process by using the backwash function.

Chlorine Levels

Usually the best ways to maintain your Intex pool is to keep a floating chlorine dispenser in the water and then to regularly shock the water. You can usually purchase strip tests for your pool to test the level of chlorine in the water and then can add a store brand product of pool chlorine until you reach the desired level.

Keeping It Clean

Chances are if you’re pool is in an outdoor location, you might have to clean bugs, leaves and dirt from the bottom every few days. Investing in a skimmer and a pool vacuum can do wonders for the purity of the water.

Cleaning For Storage

Storage is one of the most important considerations because if you store your Intex pool without cleaning it, you could unpack it to a rotted, mildew mess. First, drain your pool completely. You might have to rent a sump pump or scoop it out with cups. If you don’t have a drain or sewer to drain the water into, consider draining it gradually over the day to avoid creating a mud patch in your yard.

Next, wipe the interior of the pool down with warm soapy water with about a capful of bleach in it. This is enough to kill the algae without damaging the pool. Make sure that the pool is completely dry and then fold it up, store it in the box if you like and put it away for storage.

An Intex pool is a cost effective and easy way to enjoy a swimming pool without the expense of building one.

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