Looking For A Bath To Set Your Bathroom Apart? Try One Of These

With so many great looking bathtubs available, it can be hard to pick one that is truly unique these days.

Here then, I look at some of the most unusual tub designs out there, guaranteed to catch the eye.

A Real Shoe

Women, if the stereotypes are to be believed, love shoes. So what better way to appeal to this lovey feeling than to design a bath which is made in the design of a massive shoe? Not just any shoe however, oh no, but a high heeled beauty, to real stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Designed by the Italian designer, Massimiliano Della Monaca, the shoe positively oozes class and stands out as a real work of art.

A Slipper’s Good Too

Of course not everyone will want a giant great big shoe in their bathroom, so if you’re considering the indoor approach a slipper is a great alternative. Now, I don’t mean a slipper in the conventional, pipe and smoking jacket approach, but the bathtub design known as a slipper freestanding bath.

This type of bath is much more readily available than the shoe design above, but is just as stylish as a contemporary addition to a modern bathroom.

See-Through? I Say!

For something a little different, why not look at a glass see-through bathtub. With a stylish stainless steel boasting a number of jets to give the whirlpool side of things that can provide. The package also comes complete with chrome taps and a standalone shower apparatus.

Cosy Is Best

For a more cosy experience, the Sorrento bathtub based on a very traditional Japanese ofuro style offer something very different. Looking like the lovechild of a yoghurt pot and a bath, it offers full immersion for a couple to enjoy a very unique soak in.

Well, Stone Me!

For something solid, and probably something that you’ll not likely be fitting upstairs, you could make a real splash with a large stone bathtub by Italian designers Vaselli.

home design

It could easily be taken as a piece of art and will certainly act as a statement piece in your bathroom, standing out as an elegant sculpture, that you can also jump in for your daily wash!

Don’t Be A Square – Pick A Square Tub

To break the mould, why not think outside the box, by thinking of a box. Instead of opting for a typical bath in the shape of a rectangle or oblong, go for a square one to really catch the eye. This stunning tub will look the business in any contemporary bathroom design.

Any of these tubs will really make your bathroom stand out from the crowd, and they don’t all need to break the bank – so shop around, find a design you like and prepare to see your family and friend’s jaws hit the floor when they see your new stonking new bath.

Louisa Jenkins is an interior design expert, who specialises in advising people on the use of their bath as a centrepiece to the bathroom suite

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/carlos-pacheco/8448300236/

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