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Most glass is transparent, so it is easy to see why people overlook it as an essential part of our homes. But there is a long, proud tradition of making art out of glass as witnessed by your local glass company. Glass doesn’t just seal us off from the outside world; glass includes your guests as a canvas for artistic expression as well.

Glass is often characterized as fragile and breakable, but it also endures as art. In fact, glass art has been around for hundreds of years. The crafting of glass used to be seen as an artisan’s trade, which means it was considered a professional skill to be acquired.

It still is.

Glass is hand blown, fashioned by a skilled technician who creates a unique piece of colorful decoration that enhances the atmosphere of your home.

Glass isn’t just what your windows are made of. It is your vases, your bowls, your chandeliers, and sculptures. Glass reflects and refracts light so that the decorative elements of your home actually sparkle when placed in the right spots.

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Sheet glass represents an option for decorating your home. When walls or surfaces are covered with sheet glass, they are crafted that way because the glass itself has been created by artisans. Using sheet glass for the surfaces of your home means that you are making your living space into a work of art. The flat, bland surfaces of painted walls don’t compare to sheet glass decorating your home.

Art glass can also enhance your home by infusing it with light. A well-placed glass sculpture in a window, or in a place where the sunset can refract through it, creates extra atmosphere for your evening dining that can’t be replicated by candlelight. A good glass company has mastered the art of producing a first rate piece of glass art that contributes to the beauty of your home. Glass can sparkle a home in a way that two-dimensional art can’t.

One of the best aspects of glass is that it can be fashioned to order in whatever color and in whatever shade you like. Glass is a blank canvas that can be infused with color and with light. It is also a gift that can impress your friends and family this holiday season by being unexpected and colorful; after all, many Christmas tree ornaments are crafted from glass.

A quality glass company can create anything within your imagination. There is a reason that chandeliers have often been considered the centerpiece of dining room decor. The presence of glass was an indicator of prestige. Glass art can signal sophistication in your home as well.

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