Innovate Design Opens Office in the USA

Entrepreneurs and innovators are welcoming a new service aimed to help them which has launched in San Fransisco. London based, Innovate Product Design have been standing alongside inventors and start-up’s in the UK (in both London and Salisbury) for over 10 years, but have now opened their US base in the city by the bay.

Recently interviewed on the company’s website, Managing Director Alastair Swanick said “Setting up in America is an exciting development for the company, not only does it offer American individuals the opportunity to explore their invention ideas cost-effectively.” Jessica Vann, Client Manager in San Francisco added that the response so far had been positive and she was enthusiastic about the future.

United States of New Ideas

This move makes sense for Innovative Design as the United States remains a hotbed of entrepreneurialism. American history tells stories of the inventions of giants like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison or Henry Ford. Between 1996 and 2004 an average of 550,000 small businesses kick started every month. The US is famous for an array of innovators, particularly in the computer and finance industries. But like many nations in the grip of recession, new business needs a helping hand.


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Product Development

Innovative Product Design are all about product development. They help individuals on a global scale with everything from design ideas, to protecting patents and then the process of taking a product forward commercially. Globally the company boast quite an array of in-house specialism and their on stop approach means support can be on hand through the development of an idea or innovation.

Clients working with Innovative Design can access a review of their idea free of charge. The company also make commitments to honour ideas submitted. Clients retain 100% of the idea and therefore 100% of the profits and all the product information shared is 100% confidential. Reviews of their service testify to the security clients feel working with them.

What’s on offer

The base is San Fransisco offers a number of services. Start-ups can gain expert advice on Intellectual Property (IP) protection, including patenting and a global patent search to establish originality. Innovative Product Design are also leaders in advising on cost effective professional product design and how to prototype a new product idea. Taking the product to market is also within their sphere of support with expect advice on commercial and marketing matters. Their promise is to aim to help them entrepreneurs along their journey as much as possible by providing sound advice and skill. Their website sets out how you could get involved.

The future looks bright for both Innovative Design and for the inventors and entrepreneurs of California as the San Fransisco base takes shape.

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