How To Create A More Homely Front Room

The living room is in many ways the fulcrum of your domestic surroundings. It provides the setting for many moments in your home and it is often the first place you are immediately drawn to when you have the time to relax or watch television. With this room functioning as such a centrepiece the main atmosphere you want to create is one of homely comfort and it takes a few steps and decisions to achieve this.

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Filling the space effectively
You are looking for objects that fit into the room to make it a space that you feel relaxed enough in to want to spend the majority of your home life in. It is important to strike the right balance and not to veer too much towards one way of doing things. In order to achieve this equilibrium you do not want to leave the room wanting in terms of how much you have in there. On the other side of this spectrum you also do not want to overload the room with too much. The colours and the materials you use are also a highly significant part of this concept so find ones that complement each other rather than working against one another’s style.

The way in which you decide to use the lighting has a big effect on the feel of your living room. It is a particularly useful tip to use the lighting in different ways and at varying levels within the space. Mixing it up with alternative sources of light will go some way to creating the homely room you are seeking.

The curtains can have more of an effect on how the living room looks and feels than you may think. If you are able to have your curtains specifically made and measured to fit your room then this is certainly worthwhile as they will form a very prominent part of the area.

Keeping your room sufficiently warm is vital for health reasons more than anything but a very good fireplace and maybe even designer rugs will also allow you to create that snug theme.

Bring the seating together
The sofa and chairs in the living room have to be comfortable and that is a necessity. Beyond this aspect though it is also extremely important to position the furniture effectively to fit in with the homely theme you are hoping to create. With this in mind it is better to avoid placing a chair by itself if you want the room to be a base for bringing friends and family together while they are over at your house.

Article written by Jon Botham on behalf of the designer rugs retailer

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