How to Clean Your Pocket Knife

Pocketknives are popular everyday carries. Whether you need to open a box or cut cheese on your weekend picnic, having a pocketknife is both convenient and useful. Because they are so versatile, they get dirty quickly through constant use. When your knife builds up grime, it does not function as well. Proper cleaning is a necessity. Here is how you can safely clean your knife without damaging it or hurting yourself.

1. Gather Supplies

Using this basic knife cleaning method, you need very few supplies. WD-40, the same lubricant you use to fix squeaky hinges works beautifully here. You also need to grab an old toothbrush and a rag, two items that are in most people’s cleaning cabinets.

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2. Open All the Blades

Go ahead and open all the blades of the knife. If you have a simple one-blade pocketknife, this is easy. However, multi-tool Swiss Army knives have many more blades to pull open. Once you put the WD-40 on one blade, the oil can make it dangerous to try to open or close another blade – that’s why you should have all blades out.

3. Apply Lubricant

Dab a bit of the WD-40 onto the rag. Gently and carefully rub the oil onto the knife. This will loosen any buildup from the blade.

4. Scrub with the Toothbrush

The rag is good for the smooth blade, but grime can stick in hinges and knife teeth. Use the toothbrush to work the lubricant into these harder to reach areas and work buildup free.

5. Wipe Clean

Once the entire knife has been cleaned, use a clean corner of the rag to wipe off excess grease.

6. Oil Hinges

To ensure the knife continues to open easily and smoothly, oil the hinges. Apply a dot of the WD-40 to another clean area of the rag and rub it into the hinges.

Liz Childers blogs about knife topics for Knife Depot.

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