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Let’s face it: you spend a lot of time in the bedroom (no, not in that way!) Friskiness aside, the bedroom is where you spend most of your time sleeping, relaxing and studying. So, it makes sense to add interest to the four walls in your room. Jazz up the walls with some carefully selected artwork to suit any mood and reap stunning results…

What type of wall art?

If you want to choose Warhol-inspired prints to achieve a youthful and arty feel, then this is perfectly fine. However, don’t feel limited. Explore wall stickers, posters and paintings as well as stencilling, typographic and abstract wall art.

How about creating your own original artwork? Buy a plain canvas and get creative. If you want to wake up feeling inspired, then choose art associated to your dreams such as a place you want to go. You could also stencil inspirational quotations around your room. The most important thing is not to overwhelm your walls. Think simply.

What about colour therapy?

Have you ever noticed that colour can transform your mood? If you’re anything like me, then you’ll thrive in a room which is bright, vibrant and energetic. So, choose punchy colours such as yellow or orange.

However, if you want to achieve an ocean of calm, then blue’s your best buddy along with violet and indigo.  Pink and green are balancing and harmonising colours whereas red instantly creates an instant atmosphere of romance. Choose a colour scheme by exploring colour palettes then work art prints around the mood you wish to achieve.

What about Feng Shui?

Align your artwork with Feng Shui criteria to achieve a bedroom that is harmonious, inviting and sensual. Block ‘skin’ colours (white to brown) create a soothing atmosphere as colours that aren’t harsh to the eye. Make sure to choose images which project positivity. The appearance of Buddha creates an aura of calm and will ease the tension of a hectic lifestyle.

How about less well-known artwork?

You don’t have to buy a Picasso or a Chagall. Pick up some original art from festivals and fairs.  You could also check out contemporary art and university festivals for lesser-known and upcoming artists. Channel your own personal interests with your artwork. For example, 18 year old Akiane creates stunning spiritual paintings with iridescent details. Her artwork is well worth having a look at. There are also many fantasy artists such as Amy Brown.

As you can see, there are many ways to transform your bedroom walls. No room is ever the same and is a blank canvas for any mood you want to achieve. It’s your personal space and your personal taste that matters.

Do you have any other great ideas?

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