How to Choose a Comfortable Mattress

If there’s one thing that our mattresses have to give us is that it’s comfort. The more comfortable the mattress is, the more treasured it will be until such time that it’s time to let the old mattress go and look for a new one. However, choosing a comfortable mattress similar to the old one is a bit difficult. After all, you’ll want the same comfort. However, the many choices offered you make the process of choosing very confusing. For this reason, here are some tips to choose a comfortable mattress.

Look at the Padding

If you’re after comfort, then choose a memory foam mattress since this is the most comfortable mattress type. However, this type of mattress can be pretty expensive. If you want the next best thing, then choose a coil mattress.

When looking at a coil mattress, you have to take a look at the padding. After all, this is the cushioning layer that protects your body from the coil springs. For a more comfortable mattress padding, ask the salesperson if the padding moulds or conforms itself to your body shape. It should be able to cushion the pressure points of the body, and it should also be able to support the natural curves of the body when lying down.

Look at the Support

You don’t want a mattress padding though that’s too soft. Not only will it be lumpy, but after prolonged use, your back is going to hurt because it’s not being supported properly. After all, too-soft mattresses cannot support the proper alignment of the spine. For this reason, choose a comfortable mattress that is firm, but not too firm that it’s going to make you comfortable.


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Choose the Right Size

Aside from comfort and support, the size of the mattress should also matter. If you’re sleeping alone, a double-bed size is perfect for you. This gives you ample room to stretch around.

However, if you have a bed partner, then consider the bigger-sized mattresses. You want to have ample space for the two of you, and you also want to a have good mattress that doesn’t shift and dip when your bed partner is moving. There are some types of mattresses that minimize movements, like the memory foam mattresses. However, as mentioned earlier, this can be a bit expensive. If you want though, you can purchase twin mattresses and simply fit them together. Not only will you have one huge mattress, but this will also minimize bed movements made by you and your partner.

Know the Types of Mattresses

Your old mattress is old and outdated. There are now newer and more advanced versions in the market right now, some of which are perfect for medical conditions. So if you’re suffering from medical conditions such as sleep apnea perhaps, scoliosis, or arthritis, then be sure to ask the provider the best type of mattress that he can recommend for your condition.

Really, there are so many mattresses to choose form right now. So if you want the perfect one for your bedroom, then don’t hesitate to read reviews about the mattress types and brands, and always compare their prices so you get the best deal.


The author, Jennifer Dahlman, regularly contributes articles to the site of Choosing the right type of mattress is easy, if you know what to look for in one and if you purchase it from a trustworthy and knowledgeable provider.

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