How To Balance Work, Play, And Housecleaning – Why Putting It Off Until The Weekend Is Not A Good Idea

This sounds like a case of the common juggler, a.k.a. the mom. Of course I presume there are times when a dad pulls the load, so forgive me if this seems a bit biased. Whoever you are that is the “super person” in your house, take heed. Remember, the idea is to stay ahead of the game, not behind so weekends don’t creep up and you have no R & R time before the grind starts all over.



The only thing to say about work is that if you leave your house to go to a job, leave the job to come home.  If you work from home, prioritize your work day and when you have worked a total of no more than nine hours, leave. It takes quite a bit of discipline to work from home and not neglect your family, but if you are so blessed, work on a plan to accomplish this too…then it will become a joy instead of a chore. Wherever you work, be thankful you have a job!


Keeping House: Have a Plan; Make a Schedule

I’m sure you have a schedule for your work, but if you are not by nature the organized one, domestically speaking, you might need to pretend like you are, because being a person with a plan is vital in this job. For example, in an ancient poem, Mondays were washdays; Tuesdays were ironing, Wednesdays – mending, Thursdays – shopping, and so on; apparently even in the old days a plan was a necessity. When you first start out determined to organize your time, your house, and your life, try making a calendar/schedule. It may seem quite simplistic, but having your chores on a schedule makes it easier to get them done. But whatever you do, make sure you can actually follow your plan, because if your schedule is not doable, you won’t be able to accomplish anything.

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You made it! Now it’s time for play. At the beginning you may feel a bit awkward about scheduling play, but you will be glad you did. Sometimes a super-mom has to learn to relax, but once she does she often falls asleep…on the couch, at the movies, while playing games, and the list goes on. But be patient, she will be a better person when she gets the hang of it! Of course you can’t keep her mind from racing…just enjoy her efforts.

After all this do you get the distinct feeling the person in this picture must be an ace at multi-tasking? However, do remember at the heart of every multi-tasker is a workaholic. So whether you work outside the home or in the home, consider it a necessity to plan and schedule. When you take time to organize and follow your plan, you will quickly realize how much sooner you arrive at playtime…or that blessed R&R…rest and relaxation. Work is definitely not for the weekends, and if you think it is, just try putting off the work and housekeeping till then!

Julie Myers lives in Houston and works as a nanny.  She enjoys writing about child & pet care, cooking, and house cleaning tips.

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