How Lighting Can Change The Feel Of A Room

After living in a house for some time the occupants can get bored at which time a shakeup is order to add the life back in the home. One of the most common ways to reinvent your home is to redecorate. Paint a wall a different colour, invest in some new furniture or re-arrange old furniture; finding new places for your furniture gives your home a whole new feel and look without you having to spend a lot of money on new accessories. The one thing that does tend to get over looked when it comes to changing a room is the lighting.

Lighting in a room can completely change it’s look and feel; lighting can mean the difference between a dull, dark room over a warm and cosy room or even a cold room. An obvious example of this is when you have seen a room in a magazine or at a friend’s house and think how well it would work in your own home but when you try it, it just doesn’t look the same. This tends to be because the light in the room is different.

There are several different types of light you can use;-

Ambient Lighting – This light is generally a light that fills a whole room and blends well into the surroundings. It tends to cast an over glow and brings no special attention of any features in the room.

Task Lighting – This type of lighting is generally harsh as its sole purpose to the light up a work station of sorts. A bedside lamp is good example as its purpose is to direct the light over something like a book so you can read in bed.

Accent Lighting – This light is designed to highlight one particular object or feature in a room. For example having a feature wall in a room is good but it may be overlooked if you don’t draw attention to it; the addition of accent lighting can complement the wall making its features stand out.

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Decorative lighting – This light is purely for cosmetic purposes and not actually to produce a lot of light. Examples of this kind of lighting would be an artistic lamp that is meant to look at rather than to serve a purpose. This light normally surrounds itself making the light source the key feature to admire.

The correct use of ambient lighting can make a room look huge which is great in small family homes, especially if the light is combined with mirrors to give the feel of a larger space. In more open plan environments it’s just as important to enclose the space so that the home feels cosy and personal.

This article was written by John Featherfield of Experts in Lighting Design.

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