Why Mold Inspection Is Important For Any Home

Homes are susceptible to mold for a variety of different reasons. Mold spores are constantly moving through the air and are looking for a place to take root. Spores can also be transported on clothing, on food or inside of a new appliance. Mold that starts to grow in a home can have many detrimental effects on the people who live in the house and on the actual structure of the building. Mold can also be indicative of a larger problem that might need to be confronted. Any homeowner who suspects that there might be a problem with mold in a building should have the space inspected by professionals. There are several reasons why a mold inspection is important.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Mold sends small particles into the air called spores. These spores are released by the mold as a means of spreading into new areas. The spores can be inhaled by people living in the home. Spores can also rest on the walls or furniture in a home causing problems later when the particles are knocked back into the air. The inhalation of mold spores can cause respiratory problems in adults. These breathing problems can become chronic in individuals who already have a condition like asthma. An inspection will determine if there is an unhealthy amount of spores in the air. If there are high levels of spores, then the air quality can be restored through mold removal.

Prevent Serious Health Problems

Long-term exposure to mold can cause health issues beyond respiratory problems. Certain types of mold actually release toxic spores. There are individuals who have a natural allergy to spores as well. This means that a home with a mold infestation could cause occupants to develop skin rashes, lesions and other problems. People who have an existing medical condition can degrade quickly when living around mold. There are even situations where mold can be fatal. An inspection that leads to mold removal will help to restore good health to everyone living in the house.

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Detect Structural Issues

Uncontrolled mold growth can actually start to affect the structure of a home. One reason is that mold requires moisture to grow. Large amounts of mold inside of the walls, on studs or behind appliances could be a sign that there are moisture problems in the house. The moisture can cause the wooden frame of a home to warp and become unsound. The mold exacerbates this issue by causing the wood to rot more quickly. The combination of moisture and mold can cause entire walls to become weak and unsafe. Serious mold problems will require inspection and then removal.

Prevent Costly Remediation

A major benefit of mold inspections is that small problems that are detected early can be dealt with easily. Early detection can prevent costly abatement later that could involve removing large volumes of wood and drywall from inside of the house. Mold can be hidden for a long time without showing any visible signs of a problem. Inspections will detect this type of hidden mold. Finding mold early and dealing with moisture and small patches of growth is far less expensive and easier than performing a full remediation after serious damage has been done.

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