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Being the victim of a crime can be devastating to both the victim and the people close to the victim. Crimes can have an impact on a person’s confidence, outlook on life and general happiness, an impact that some people never recover from. As hard as it is to admit it, much of crime can be prevented by being more careful and knowledgeable in your actions – that is not to say that the victim is ever at fault. Follow the advice below and reduce your chances of experiencing the life changing impact a crime can have on you – some of it may seem obvious, but you would be amazed at how many people follow the same bad habits. It is also worth noting that this article doesn’t mention any gadgets – crime prevention gadgets are effective and should be invested in.

Anti-Assault Advice: The bigger the group you are in, the safer you will be. If you are in a small group or even alone, try and walk quickly and be inconspicuous. Dangers really do lurk in the dark, so it is important to stay in well lit areas and if possible is places where foot or vehicle traffic may be high. If you are alone and think somebody may be following you, make a phone call, be loud on the phone call, audibly state that you think someone might be following you, describe him – this way the potential criminal knows that if he does try something his description and location is already out.

Burglary Advice: Let me just get the completely obvious out of the way; shut and lock your doors and windows!…. Okay now for some more productive advice; firstly making your property look like its occupied when it’s not – works. Obviously somebody is unlikely to try to break in if he believes somebody is home, so leaving a few lights and the television on is more than just a waste of electricity. It should be noted that doing this while you’re on holiday you may actually produce the inverse affect – advertising that your house is empty.

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Criminals have begun to adopt a new burglary method – called distraction burglary. This is when a criminal impersonates somebody or uses a trick to gain entry to your home, then takes whatever they can get their grubby hands on. The criminal may impersonate a meter man or even a charity, the safest option is to call the organization that your potential criminal claims to be from and get them to confirm his identity. Alternatively you can ask a neighbour or friend to keep an eye on this person once inside the house.

Written by Jacob Catt on behalf of West Midland Shutters – who can provide great quality criminal proof shutters, gates, grills and garage doors that are ideal for protecting your home or business.

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