The Bark Scorpion and How to Deal With Its Sting

The bark scorpion is a type of insect that is most active during the nighttime when they feed on other insects. During the day, they can hide just about anywhere, so, if you live in a climate known to be friendly to scorpions, it is important that you always check your shoes and inspect your clothing before you put them on. Bark scorpions also have the ability to survive on only water, so it’s not surprising to see them under your kitchen sink or near your tub.

Unfortunately, bark scorpions are considered to be one of the most venomous pests in the country, especially in Southern Arizona as well as areas such as Las Vegas, southern California and Nevada, as well as Grand Canyon. Their venom is very toxic to humans, particularly to those who are allergic to their sting.

The Dangers of a Bark Scorpion Sting

To most people, the sting of a bark scorpion is much like a bee sting. It produces immediate pain, and when you lightly tap the area stung by the scorpion, the pain is more than doubled. There may also be a localized painful swelling and discoloration to the site.

However, to an allergic person, a bark scorpion sting can be his death, particularly if the victim did not receive immediate medical treatment. Signs and symptoms of their sting include profuse sweating as well as restlessness. The victim may also experience neurological symptoms such as staggering gait, blurred vision, slurred speech, muscle twitching, loss of bowel control, and increased skin sensitivity. He may also complain of abdominal cramping and pain, respiratory difficulty, thick-tongue sensation, and drooling. The allergic reaction usually subsides within a couple of days, but for severe reactions to bark scorpion sting, the victim needs to be taken to the hospital immediately where he will be given antitoxins.


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First Aid Treatment for a Bark Scorpion Sting

If you got stung by a bark scorpion, you have to stay calm and keep still since their venom spreads faster as your heartbeat increases. The first step is to wash the affected area under very cold water. For the pain, you can take an analgesic, and for the allergic reaction, you can apply an ointment that contains antihistamine or corticosteroid. You also have to place a cold pack over the affected site to help decrease the pain and the localized inflammation. The coolness helps to break down the venom easily and quickly.

For those victims who are experiencing the symptoms mentioned above, they need to be taken to the emergency room immediately where they will be given anti-venom treatment.

Dealing with Bark Scorpions

Here are some important ways on how you can avoid bark scorpion stings:

  1. Check your clothing and shoes as well as your bed, beddings, and blankets before you use them.
  2. If you are going to an area known to have bark scorpions, then you need to wear protective gear such as long pants, boots, and gloves. It is also advisable that you bring an emergency treatment kit containing antihistamine, analgesic, and insect bite and sting ointments.
  3. If you see one, don’t handle it with your bare hands. Instead, trap it under a jar or pick the insect up with a long tong.
  4. For homes infested with bark scorpions, it is better than you seek professional help rather than deal with the problem yourself.

Jennifer Danos is a licensed pest control technician working for a reputable pest control Las Vegas company. In her free time, she manages a blog that deals with pests and how to control them the safe and natural way.

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