Steps To Increase Your Home Security

A few years back, I was living in a single-story family home with my husband in a tight-knit community. I had never worried about crime or the potential of a burglary until it had happened to us. One afternoon, we returned home from a shopping trip to discover our home had been broken into and some of our most valued possessions were taken. As devastating as the actual robbery was to both my husband and myself, it was truly a wake up call to research more on having a home security system installed. After the break-in, my husband and I became increasingly alert to our surroundings and discovered a few tips that are essential to remember each day to keep your own home as safe and secure as possible.

Common Ways to Increase Home Security

Common mistakes that occur when attempting to keep the home safe at all times is not locking all of the home’s doors or windows when sleeping or not inside of the home yourself. I now ensure all of my windows are locked at all times unless we are actively in the home. Adding deadbolt locks to your doors will help to deter thieves from attempting to break in as it is often too much hassle.

To add additional security around the perimeter of the home, I installed security lighting that can be set to a timer as well as a motion detector. Keeping lighting around your home at night that is a motion detector will help to scare off burglars who are seeking an easy target.

It is important to avoid leaving a spare key around the home, as these are often easy to find for experience thieves or criminals who have a past of participating in break-ins. Additionally, avoid leaving notes to delivery services, mailmen, or even loved ones that may state you will not be home or that you are out of the home for vacation or running errands. Leaving notes outside of the home can be a dead giveaway of vacant property, increasing the chances of a burglary dramatically if you live in a high-crime area.

Using Alarms to Detect Strange Behaviors

Having a security alarm installed was one of the best decisions my husband I have ever made. With the new security alarm in our home, we feel safe and secure whether or not we are at home. Researching adt security reviews allowed us to find the best plan for our own alarm system, helping to not only protect intruders from entering our house’s doors, but also our garage and windows that are accessible from the ground floor.

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