Should You Choose ADT For Your Home Security?

If your home is unprotected, your valuables may be at risk. Gone are the days when we could leave our house and car doors unlocked for days. There is nothing that stands between a robber and your unattended home except for a locked door that can easily be pried open. This shouldn’t feel like a sufficient amount of protection for everything that you own, as it isn’t. That is why you need a home security company that delivers, such as ADT.

Benefits of ADT

One of the greatest benefits that ADT offers that exceeds other companies is their 24/7 availability. Even on holidays ADT is always ready to serve their customers, never leaving clients high and dry.

ADT’s monitoring system is entirely wireless. This advantage not only allows for easy, wire-free installation, but it adds a second layer of protection. Since there aren’t any wires that can be cut by possible intruders, the system cannot be interfered with and shut down. Also, if the power is ever cut to your home, ADT’s home monitoring systems have a backup power supply that will last 24 hours.

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Home owner’s will also be given a remote keychain that gives them access to their home security system from anywhere. This allows home owners to deactivate the system to allow somebody into their home if they want, or to activate the system if they forget to turn it on as they leave.

ADT also offers many additional features for their customers. If you need smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors, or even water and freeze detectors; than ADT can offer you all of this in one complete package.


Like mentioned earlier, the entire system is wireless which makes it easy to install the necessary equipment. The lack of wires also allows for your home to remain free of holes that a wired system would require. A trained professional will install the equipment for you so that you aren’t left with a bunch of complicated materials. The professional that is sent to place your system in your home will explain, in detail, how to operate your system and all of its features. They will also explain your payment plan and any additional fees, should there be any.


Overall, ADT is a great company to go with forĀ home security, and they have served thousands of home owners. They stand behind their product and offer constant customer serviceĀ .

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