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Those who’ve had their homes broken into in New Jersey know how devastating it can be. Not only have their belongings been stolen, but they feel unsafe in their homes. The good news is that something as simple as investing in replacement windows in New Jersey can protect both the home and those inside it.

Many Older Windows Don’t Have Adequate Locks

Burglars look for many things when they choose which house to break into, but if they set their eyes on a home and discover it’s too difficult to get into; they’ll typically move on down the road. Windows with loose or non-working locks are a burglar’s dream. On the other hand, when they discover a home is locked up tight they may very well be deterred.

Choose Windows That Were Made to Withstand Forced Entry

The American Society for Testing Materials, also known as the ASTM, has certain requirements that windows must meet in order to pass their tests for structural forced entry. Windows that meet or exceed these requirements cannot simply be forced open, and that will protect a home from a break-in.

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Every Window Counts

Homeowners will frequently focus on windows installed on the first floor, but these aren’t the only windows that burglars will target. They know that homeowners regularly forget that basement windows can be accessed as well. In fact, fire safety codes require that every basement has a window large enough for a person to get out.

Of course, this also means that burglars can get in. They know that when windows are replaced, these small, unused basement windows are frequently overlooked. The result? They’re likely to target them. When windows are replaced for security reasons, basement windows should be a part of the equation.

Compare the Materials Windows are made From

All windows are not created equal – even windows made to withstand structural forced entry. Glass in general is difficult to penetrate, but a laminated glass system can provide optimal security. These systems are made of one composite pane of a polyvinyl butyral interlayer which is then built between two panes of glass and either another annealed pane or one final sheet of glass. Laymen may not be familiar with these materials, but suffice it to say: they provide optimal protection.

There are many aspects of home security, but a simple, affordable, and extremely effective way to vastly improve the security of any home is to install replacement windows in New Jersey.

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