Making Pool Safety Your Number One Priority

Water is truly amazing, every person and animal depend on it to survive. For all of its benefits and life-giving qualities, though, water can just as easily turn deadly. Perhaps, because of all the variety of reasons that we use water, we don’t think about the danger.  

Every year, hundreds of children in the United States fall victim to water—the majority in a swimming pool at their own home. Children can be easily distracted or lured to the side of a pool and then fall in the water in just a matter of seconds.  And good parents have unfortunately fallen victim to being distracted as well and then just a little too late see their little one floating in the water.  A phone ringing, a knock on the door, all it takes is a second.

For many people, pool safety is a grey area. Some don’t even recognize that a danger exists, perhaps forgetting that children don’t understand water the way adults do. For others, the advice and products available to ensure pool safety are simply too overwhelming and confusing.  Or, many rely too much on fencing. Was the fence locked? Can the child/children reach to open the gate? Was the fence left ajar just a little bit leaving just enough room for a little child to walk right in? Even leaving toys by the pool can be a hidden danger. Will it attract the children’s attention when the parents are not looking? It could happen, it has happened.

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Every home situation is different. For example, the layout of the pool, the surrounding deck, and the size of the family. The combination of these factors is never the same, and these factors must be taken into account. Two families living in identical homes may require different solutions because of the number and age of the children.

Yes, owning a pool is a huge responsibility, but the benefits to health, happiness, and family life are equally immeasurable. We should all be prepared to do what it takes to keep our family and visitors safe.  Making sound choices when the welfare of our family is at stake can be done given the right information and the right equipment. If we don’t know, then read about it, get the knowledge needed so that we are aware and prepared.

Swimming pools are a fun summer time activity; we should all take precautions to be safe around the water.

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