How to Safeguard Your House Before Going on a Vacation

If you have plans to go on a vacation, your welfare or safety is not the only thing that you have to think about.  Your home should also be given attention.  Going away from your house for a few days would make your house an easy target for burglars.  So in order to ensure that your home will be safe while you are away, read this article.

Step 1:  Ensure that your home looks lived-in as possible.

So that your house won’t be a target of thieves and vandals, make your home look as lived-in as possible.  To do this, you have to turn down the ringer on the telephone, because an unanswered phone call is a sign that nobody’s home.  Aside from this, you also have to ask someone to mow the lawn so nobody would think that no one’s at home to take care of the lawn.

Step 2:  Give your neighbor your contact number.

You have to leave your contact details to your neighbor so they can easily contact you in case of emergency.  You also have to ask them if they can serve as lookouts for your home and give you reports if they notice weird things happening in your house.

Step 3:  Secure the lock of your garage and doors.

Before you leave, you have to make sure that you have locked your windows, doors, and garage.  Check the locks several times.  You also have to keep your valuables such as your jewelry in a safe place or in a safety deposit box.

Step 4:  Leave information to your trusted neighbors.

Be sure that you tell your neighbors about your plans and itinerary.  It is also important that you tell them how long your are going to stay on vacation or when would be the date of your return.

Following the steps mentioned above is really helpful in safeguarding your home while you are away.  By making sure your home is safe, you’ll have peace of mind and you’ll be able to focus more on your vacation.

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  1. Leaving our own home with nobody staying or guarding your house is just like putting your own self at risk. Your house is an investment. So must be cautious enough in taking good care of it by prioritizing on adding the security features like alarm system, smoke and fire alarm of the house before we engaged into a long holiday. We must see to it our house will still be our old house when we get back. All doors, windows, and open holes must be closed. We need to double lock the door if necessary. And lastly we should ask our neighbors assistance to check from time to time the condition of our house.

  2. Always be sure when going on a vacation, especially if you have important stuff at home, to lock things up. Aside from the things stated above, it is also better to keep the most important stuff such as expensive jewelry, bags, etc., somewhere safe. And also keep in mind, burglars are smart and sneaky, especially nowadays when your life is practically an open book. If you have things that are really expensive and things you can’t afford to lose or get stolen, carry them with you and if not, keep it somewhere safe like in a vault or bank safety deposit box, or entrust it to a close family member, relative or friend.

  3. starry09 says:

    There are times that you will leave your home unattended because of vacations, reunions, etc., and it is very important to keep your home as safe as possible. Double-check everything before you leave. You do not want yourself to constantly worry if you turned off the stove, locked the backdoor, etc. It’s a good idea to have a checklist of all the precautions that you did before leaving so that you are sure that you had done all of them. If you can, have a pet dog (with stocked food rations) so that it can alert your neighbors and check in your house if something weird is going on. If you have relatives that you can ask to look after your home, ask them.

  4. It is a common practice to leave the house key underneath the rug. Stop yourself right there. Everyone knows that and you might as well not lock your house. As a substitute, lend a spare key to your trusted neighbor or a close relative. You can ask them to keep a close eye into your home while you are gone with a promise that you will do the same when she’s away. If you do not have anyone to entrust your house keys, be artistic in choosing the right hiding place. You can hide it under a rock in your garden, just make sure that you mark it in case you forget.

  5. whimsical1207 says:

    My family and I go on vacation once or twice a year. Since we have dogs at home what we do is we ask a trusted relative to stay at our home during the duration of the family vacation. We are extremely lucky to have relatives who agree to do this. In return when our relatives asks us the same favor we return it. One time though we were not able to have a relative do us the favor of staying at our home so what we did was we put our dogs in the care of my vet, locked the doors and turned on the light in our porch. We also informed the guard in our village that we are leaving for a few weeks and that he check our house every now and then. We can never be sure of things that happen nowadays so we have always have to be careful and take extra precautions to be safe.

  6. Taking a vacation and leaving our house is a magnet for burglary.when planning an out of town vacation,always ask your neighbors to look after your house.This becomes mutually beneficial because you could return the favor by taking care of their home if they are the ones taking an out of town trip.Be mindful about doors and windows,make sure they are properly locked and secure and if possible have an alarm system in you house to prevent burglars and unwanted individuals from doing what they have planned.As much as possible,also ask the neighborhood watch to look after your house from time to time,this can also help in having your house be secure and safe.

  7. Everyone has to be cautious these days regarding the security of their own home before leaving for a vacation, checking the door locks, having security cameras, or having a dog to watch over your house are some of the preventive measures that one can do to ensure that your house will be safe after you leave. Don’t leave valuable items such as jewelries and large amount of money while you are away, you can entrust them to your relatives or deposit it to your bank for safekeeping. You can also ask one of your trusted neighbors to watch over your house from time to time so that you will be more confident while you are away. Always be vigilant before leaving your home, because these days anything can happen while you are away.

  8. Me and my family once went abroad to take a vacation. We left our home for three weeks. Know what we did to keep it safe? We asked people we know who we truly trust. For three weeks, they guard our house. Ofcourse, we paid them to do it. We call them to make sure if everything is alright and to make sure that nothing bad has happened. We are cautious about it since there were two of our neighbors who got robbed back then. We came back from our vacation and everything was all okay.
    Leaving a house unattended is very dangerous since it can attract burglers. It’s better to let someone guard it for you so you will at least feel a bit relieved that someone is taking care of it for you. But make sure that those people guarding the house are truly trusted people.

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