How to Make Your Bathroom a Safer Place

Most of the accidents around the house happen in the bathroom. With so many fixtures jammed into a tiny room and the pools of water that are found almost anywhere in the room, slips and falls are just begging to happen. Especially if you have older people and youngsters in the house, you need to take a couple of pertinent steps to ensure that your bathroom is a bit safer and more accessible to vulnerable individuals.

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While they’re great for relaxing in after a long day’s work, they can be deathtraps for small kids and individuals who have trouble walking. Although the simplest way out of this dilemma is to replace your bathtub with a shower, you can also choose to have walk-in tub instead. Make sure that you have handrails which are anchored to the wall frame that can support a bather’s weight as he or she is pulling himself or herself up.


To make it easier for those who have trouble moving to get into the shower, make sure that you have a lower threshold. Walk-in showers are also becoming popular and so are shower seats which allow individuals to conveniently sit down while taking a long, hot shower. If you’re getting a shower seat, pair the contraption with a hand-held shower. Just like with tubs, handrails are necessary when it comes to shower for assisting elderly individuals in getting in and out the cubicle.


The problem with most toilets is that they are too low which can be a daunting challenge for individuals who have problems sitting or standing. In order to reduce the strain of having to sit so low, you can choose to have an elevated toilet seat. This contraption also makes rising from a seated position so much easier.


All of us have experienced being burned because we forgot to set the water heater a few notches lower which is why setting the heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit should be a rule of thumb especially with kids around. To be doubly sure that no one gets doused with piping hot water, fit anti-scald valves in every faucet of the bathroom.


Aside from choosing bathroom tiles or flooring that are slip-resistant, go the extra mile by using double-sided carpet tape to ensure that any rugs you place inside the bathroom won’t serve as banana peel to unsuspecting bathroom users. Better yet, use anti-skid mats which adhere even on wet floors.

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