How to Inspect an Apartment

When shopping for an apartment, there is more that you need to look at then just the layout of the apartment floor plan.  That is, of course, important when choosing, but you do not want to have the perfect floor plan that is marked by the worse possible hidden features.  Here are some of the things you should check when shopping for an apartment.

First, make sure that all of the faucets and showers work.  Turn them on.  Make sure the water flows freely.  Also, make sure that the water gets hot.  Do not sign a lease if the shower does not work to your satisfaction.  Check the toilet to make sure that it flushes well.

If your apartment comes with appliances, check them.  Consider putting a thermometer in the oven and the refrigerator to make sure they get as hot or cold as they should.  Make sure that the furnace works appropriately.  An apartment without a properly working furnace would be unbearable.  If your apartment comes with air conditioning, switch that on as well.

When inspecting the electricity, check every light in the apartment.  Make sure that they work and not just where the light switches are.  Ensure there will be enough light to meet your needs in every room of the apartment.  If you are concerned, you may want to check some of the outlets as well.


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One of the things that new apartment owners forget to try out before signing their rental lease is the cell phone reception in their apartment.  This is extremely important if you intend to use a cell phone in your apartment.  If you do not get reception, you have to determine if that is a deal breaker for you, but you should know whether or not you have reception before you move in.

Consider viewing the apartment at different times of day.  See how much sunlight you get through the windows and decide if that will meet your needs.  Also, check every window to make sure that it not only locks, but also opens.  Inspect window screens and glass for holes or breakage.

Spend some time in the apartment when the traffic in the surrounding areas is heavy.  Is it noisy?  Also, listen to how much noise you can hear from neighboring apartments.  Noisy neighbors can make apartment life unbearable!

When checking the cleanliness of your apartment, inspect everything, not just the obvious places.  Open the cabinets and closets to look for dirt.  Make sure the floor has been cleaned.  Look for signs of vermin such as mice or roaches.

If you find problems in your potential apartment, you have to decide if they are bad enough to make it worth turning down the apartment or not.  Some problems might be worth overlooking if the price is right, but you need to go into the rental agreement with your eyes open!  Know what you are signing up for before you sign a lease agreement.  If the apartment manager is not willing to let you spend the time necessary to view these things, you probably want to look elsewhere for your apartment.

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  1. In leasing an apartment, lessee should bear in mind to check on the totality of the house not just the exterior and interior part of the it or an area that are visible to human eyes as most of the defects lies beneath the beautiful and extravagant color that catches our attention. Most defects lies on the structure of the house, the kind of materials used and the land it is situated. You must be a critic on you own ways by letting all your senses works, ask simple but logical questions that will lead you an additional knowledge on the foundation of the house and lastly feel the wall by simply knocking or kicking a portion of it.

  2. Always remember that not everyone is totally honest when advertising their apartments. Check everything if it works properly, and remember if you are clumsy or accident prone, it is better to rent apartments which do not include appliances as this could add to your move out costs should you break any of them. Also, check if the place has proper ventilation, how cold is it at night, how hot is it during the day? And check the surrounding area, do not check the apartment alone, check if any of these are nearby (about 2-5 kilometers away): a police station should a burglary or a crime happen, a 24/7 shop for food and other needs, an eatery or (depending on your tastes) a fast-food chain (self-explanatory) and a clinic or hospital for emergencies.

  3. It is easier if you have a small notepad that lists all that you need in an apartment. Examine the area if you will have a good parking space. Is it secure and well-lighted? Ask the landlord if you will be allowed to keep pets like dogs or cats. Inspect the facilities in the building like elevators or intercoms. Make sure that the apartment has a dependable water source. Getting the perfect apartment for you calls for persistence. Study the pros and cons of the apartment. It is extremely important to read the rental contract and make sure you understand it before signing anything.

  4. In choosing an apartment , you should consider not only the interior but also the whole building as well. Does the building have a safe fire exit? Do they provide a fire extinguisher? It is important to check those things out. You can also check -out the neighborhood. Is it safe?Is it peaceful? Try to find out the crime rate in the area, especially if your job requires a night shift. You don’t wanna get robbed at the middle of the night. If you are a commuting passenger , check the availability of cabs and the accesibility of the area. Inspect the building well if it can withstand earthquakes. Those are the things that are usually been taken for granted. It’s better to be cautious and safe than to be sorry.

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