How to Get Rid of Wasps at Your Backyard

Wasps are stinging insects. Their stings are not barbed so they can sting the victims repeatedly. Wasps have venom that could really be dangerous to those who have insect-bite allergies. Below are some steps on how you can get rid of wasps in your backyard.

Steps to get rid of wasps at the backyard

Step #1: Wear clothes made of rubber

The first step to get rid of wasps is to wear clothes made of rubber. Simply wearing cotton and woolen clothes is not enough because the wasps’ stingers can easily penetrate through the fabric.

Step #2: Locate wasp nests

There are underground wasp nests as well as hanging wasp nests. For underground nest, you should use kerosene or diesel fuel. All you have to do is to pour the fuel into the entrance of the nest and then cover the entrance of the nest with a towel. The fumes will kill the wasps.

Step #3: Get rid of hanging nest

For hanging wasp nests, all you have to do is to use a pressurized bomb. Another thing you can do is to light a small fire beneath the branch, where the nest is hanging. The smoke will suffocate the wasps. Some will die, while others will abandon their nest.

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Step #4: Keep the mouth of the garbage bag close

Wasps love the garbage. This is why you should close the mouth of the garbage bag to avoid wasp infestation.

Step #5: Keep the surroundings clean

Wasps love to build their nests on areas with tall weeds. Because of this, you should trim your lawn and make sure that the tall weeds are removed.

Safety tips when getting rid of wasps

It is better that you hire a professional exterminator to get rid of wasps at home. But if you want to do it on your own, make sure that you are well-protected so you won’t get stung by these insects. It is also better if you have someone who can help you get rid of wasps.

By dusk, the wasps fly back to their nests and stay there until sunrise. This is why you should go wasp-hunting during dusk or dawn.

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  1. Proper attire should be observed when going near the wasps’ nest. Clothes made out of thick cotton or even plastic sheeting are a must as they are thick enough to absorb stings, it is also necessary to wear a mask, much that like ones used when going near a bee’s nest. Most often than not, wasps in both rural and urban communities are the ones of the social kind, they are the ones who are ruled by a queen and have many soldiers or workers ready to protect the nest should it come into harm. Be careful when handling such nests, as some varieties such as hornets can kill people with their sting. And always remember, kill the QUEEN, as it is the one that produces the wasps. It should not be hard to distinguish it from the others as it is usually the largest one.

  2. It is extremely important to identify first what type of wasp that stings you so that you have the proper knowledge to handle it. There are solitary wasps that you can just clearly drench the wasps with citrus oil extract and you will be fine. They instantly get killed with it. The second type of wasp is a paper wasp. You can go to a local drugstore and obtain a canister of pressurized wasp killer and drench the nest of the wasp in a wide movement.

  3. jimple27 says:

    One way of getting rid of wasps is to make an easy trap to kill these dangerous insects. What you need is an empty plastic bottle. Cut the bottle in two. Make a funnel-like figure and the body. Separate the funnel from the body. Flip the funnel and place it upside down to the body. Pour water or any sweet liquid inside. This way, you’ll be getting the attention of the insects. Tape the trap to a string and hang it near the wasps’ nest. Leave it there for one day. Check the trap everyday. You’ll see how much wasps will be trapped and die on it. Replace or clean the trap once it is full. And continue doing this trap or make trap as many as you can. That way will surely catch more wasps.

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