How to Get Rid of Dog Fleas and Ticks

Dog fleas and ticks are small insects that could pose harm to your dog’s health. But fleas and ticks can also pose harm to you and your family. These small insects can carry diseases. Their bites are also life-threatening to those who have allergies to insect bites. Read on to know how to get rid of dog fleas and ticks.

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Steps to get rid of dog ticks and fleas

Step #1: Inspect your dog’s fur

Have you noticed your dog scratching more than usual? This is probably a sign of flea or tick infestation. You should check your dog’s fur immediately. Watch out for small brown or black insects, which are fleas. Ticks are a bit bigger than fleas and they attach themselves to the dog’s skin.

Step #2: Use Dog flea and tick control shampoo

Fleas and ticks are difficult to crush because they are so small and hard. You can actually use a dog shampoo to remove the ticks and fleas on your dog’s fur and skin.

Step #3: Use dog flea and tick control

Dog flea and tick control treatment is the use of chemicals that would get rid of the parasites completely. You should ask an expert what’s the best flea and tick control product to use.

Step #4: Get rid of the parasites from your home

Your flea and tick ridding measure is not complete without removing the parasites from your home completely. You can use a fogger or a spray insecticide that will get rid of the fleas and ticks. You can also use a powerful vacuum if you don’t want to use chemical sprays.

Step #5: Bathe your dog regularly

To prevent infestations in the future, you should bathe your pet regularly.

Tips to effectively kill dog ticks and fleas

Killing dog fleas and ticks require a chemical insecticide. You should spray the insecticide inside your home. However, if you intend to kill the fleas and ticks that cling on your dog’s fur, do not use this chemical. You just have to use a shampoo specially formulated to eliminate parasites.

Making your home and your dog free from parasites is necessary to keep your pet and your family safe from diseases.

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  1. I’m a dog owner myself for almost all my life. I have 4 Labradors and 1 fox terrier presently living in my house here in the Philippines. My problem throughout the years was these fleas and tick infestation. I already tried all means of solutions like fleas and tick shampoo, flea powder and the injectable ones. But lately my veterinarian told me that there is this droplet which can kill the fleas and ticks for a month. You will just drop it on your pets skin near the neck area and leave it there for a few weeks, it will just spread throughout the skin of your dog that can kill these annoying pests. These medication is very affordable, you can buy it for only $6-$10 a vial. But each vial can only be used for one dog for a better result. Thanks! hope this helps.

  2. whimsical1207 says:

    Dogs are man’s bestfriend and they are are a joy to have around. However, it is not too good to get close to them when they have ticks or fleas as these parasites can make us sick too. I am a dog lover and owner of 6 japanese chins. Last year, I went on a vacation and left them with a friend and that’s where they got fleas and ticks. When I got them back I was shocked with the infestation. I bathe my dogs regularly with tick and flea soap that I got from the supermarket and spray them with an herbal insecticide (it has some chamomile in it – a natural insect repellant). I also clean the yard with amitrax an insecticide that my vet recommended and it certainly works! My aunt told me that a dog and tick collar is more effective in removing ticks and I might try it if the infestation will persist.

  3. It is best to consult a veterinarian before even thinking about using Dog Flea and Tick control treatments. Why? Fleas and Ticks are hardy creatures or insects rather, though treatments may be enough to exterminate them, it is always best to put into mind that like humans, they can develop immunities. When this happens, they become rather hard to kill, even with proper treatment from a veterinarian. Also, shots that can help prevent Flea/Tick infestation should be taken regularly, between 6-12 months interval, depending on the veterinarian’s prescribed dosage schedule.

  4. We have a Labrador at home and we usually just remove the ticks from his body ourselves. However, research has revealed that it actually pushes the inside of the pests’ stomach deeper into our dog’s bloodstream. The most effective way to get rid of them is a specialized shampoo. Make sure that dogs have separate cages so you can prevent cross-infection of fleas and ticks among your house pets. Be observant of your pet’s behavior as well because early signs of infestation apart from constant scratching is irritability.

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