How to Get Rid of Bees in Your Porch

No one can deny the functions of bees in maintaining the natural order of things. They help in the process of pollination. They also give us the sweet and nutritious substance which we call honey. Bees are really helpful, except when they build their hives in your backyard. Bees in your backyard is quite a problem. You or your family member might risk getting stung by a bee. Bee stings are painful and sometimes dangerous, especially if you are allergic to bee sting.

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Steps to get rid of bees

Step #1: Locate the bee hive

Before you can attack the enemy, you have to know its location. Bees are diurnal insects (day dwelling). The best time to locate them is dusk or dawn. You should watch out for a shimmer of wings moving into a particular area.

Step #2: Identify the species of bees

The next thing that you should do is to identify the species of bees. If you think you are going to deal with a killer bee, it is best if you employ the services of a professional exterminator than do the job yourself. Knowing the species is also important in order to know what chemical to use.

Step #3: Wear protective clothing

Before you attack the bees, you should wear sweaters and thick pants in order to defend yourself from bee stings.

Step #4: Attack the beehive

The next step is to go to the beehive and spray it with a chemical. You have to do it thoroughly to ensure that no bee remains in the hive.

Step #5: Remove the remainder of the hive

To ensure that no bees would infest on a specific area in the future, you should remove the remainder of the hive.

Tips on using chemicals in killing bees

Before you buy a chemical, you have to determine first what species of bees is on the hive. You can research online for the right chemical. You can also ask a professional bee exterminator for an effective chemical.

You will surely get rid of the bees if you follow the steps above. You just have to ensure your own safety when you exterminate the bees.

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  1. Always remember to identify first the kind of bee you are dealing with before you even think of going near their hive. Bee stings can cause swelling and, if you are allergic to certain types of bees, even death. So as always, observe caution. Most people smoke bees out their nests as this usually stuns/paralyzes them, rendering them docile, but some bees can actually develop a resistance to smoke and prove to be more nuisances than they already are. In these particular cases, it is best to consult a professional exterminator and let them do the dirty work.

  2. Keep in mind that bees are very likely to come back in your porch in a few weeks time. So to keep them from doing so, not only do you have to wipe out their nest completely but also make an extra effort to seal any fissure in your home. It is possible that they could make another nest there. If ever you spot another beehive, call an exterminator right away. These dangerous pests should be eradicated instantaneously before you or a family member gets stung.

  3. thinkneon says:

    In certain instances, I see the value of preserving bees,but only in backyards not in porches as we all know the danger it may bring to diverse visitors who visit our houses.I knew a friend in a seminary earning so much if you make a business out from it.Yet the business as well needs quite expensive capital.Anyways,I’ve always been interested inn raising bees. What I could add in the details above is that it’s best if you intervene in these bees using smoke.It’s either you put up smoke using withered coconut coverings.They don’t panic when you use it.

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