How To Deter Burglars For Next To Nothing

How To Deter Burglars For Next To Nothing

While no-one likes to dwell on the thought of crime, there is always the possibility of it happening to you, no matter how well you prepare. While investing in better quality locks and door hardware is always wise, I thought it would be useful if I shared a few tips on how to maximise home security without costing you a single penny.
What most people dismiss is the fact is that a significant proportion of burglaries happen as a spur of the moment, a crime of opportunity. Well, what I am going to tell you is how to minimise the chances of this happening with a few simple ideas.

1.) Never let your junk mail pile up. It seems logical but it is often taken for granted, nothing will make a potential criminal want to try his chances more than driving past a house and seeing a mail box jam-packed with unopened letters. If you are planning on going away for a while, get your mail redirected somewhere else, or even better, if you have a friend that lives locally, get them to pop in and just empty the mail box or clear any new mail from the mat behind the front door.

2.) Keep on top of your gardening. If you give the appearance that you take pride in your home then this will likely make an opportunistic thief less likely to try their luck on your property. Keep the front lawn in good condition, make sure you are seen regularly doing the gardening or cutting the lawn, if you are planning on taking a short break then cut the grass extra short the day before you go, this way by the time you return, the lawn will not look overgrown.

3.) Buy a dog. Or if you are allergic to dogs then just get a couple of “beware of the dog” signs and make sure they are positioned in prominent places where they can be seen from the street. This will work more than you may think, although the criminal may think you are bluffing, chances are they aren’t willing to take the risk to find out!

4.) Get to know your neighbours. Having a good relationship with your neighbours is one of the key ways to improve your home security; they can act as your eyes and ears while you are not home and alert you to and suspicious activity around your home. The same goes for any neighbourhood watch organisations, join one, or if there isn’t one already then maybe you should be the one to start it?

5.) Install and exterior alarm box. A great deterrent is having an alarm box fitted to the outside of your house in a prominent position that can be seen easily from the road or driveway. This doesn’t even have to be connected to work as a deterrent; a dummy alarm box is very cheap and indistinguishable from the real thing. The passing criminal will most likely not take the risk to find out if it is the real deal or not.

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This is a guest post by Sam Ryder who works in the security industry.
Sam blogs about different aspects of home security and offers tips and inside knowledge on how best to protect your home at LocksOnline.
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