How Secure Is Your Home? Think Again.

Home security is something that everyone should be taking seriously, I grew up in South Africa where I had bars on my windows and doors, so living in an area that is bar free is a dream, yet my home security is still strong and there are still things I do to make sure my family is safe.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, there is always that risk your home could get broken into and that is your personal space invaded. As my husband travels extensively for work and is often away more than he is home so we installed a home security system to protect me and our family while he is away.

Home Security Tips

I live in a rather large property and with three teenagers occupying the house with me. Therefore it is hard to keep track of what doors need to be locked and when everyone is getting home. For my security all three teens have a curfew; now I know it’s probably an old fashioned approach, but I’d rather have them home than out at night and with a curfew in place I am able to go around check all the windows and doors and put on the alarm before I head off to bed.

Another problem with having teens in the house is they don’t understand the importance of locking the front door when they come in; they just pull it closed and head off to their rooms. Also they often leave windows open and that is only the start of the poor security that they have.

I’ve had to take our home security into my own hands, so it started with an electronic gate to our property, everyone accesses the property with a remote control which automatically closes the gate within a few minutes: one problem solved, so many more to go.

My Security

With my husband being away and being a woman alone at home with three teenage girls I needed to heighten my security dramatically. Not that I think anything will ever happen, but I’d much rather be safe than sorry. I’ve heard all the “it will never happen to me” stories and that is not the way to think when you’re looking after three very difficult and dramatic teenage girls.

Once our main gate to the property was automated we automated our garage door as well, this way lights come on in the front of the property as I drive into the garage, when I push the main gate remote it automatically opens my garage door for me and the lights switch on, this way I can see if there is anyone lurking in the yard. Once I park my car I push a button and the garage door opens with direct access into the house.

Well that was sorted, but then I have kids in the house that don’t understand the importance of security and are constantly leaving doors and windows open or unlocked.

I think I spend a lot of my time going round shutting doors and windows, it’s a little unnerving when we are all upstairs and I have to worry if they have locked the front door behind them, hence the curfew.

My Nightly Routine

Each night the girls have to be home by 11pm on weekends and 10am on school nights; once I hear them all come in I go around and ensure all the windows and doors are locked before I put on the alarm system.

The home security alarm system we got after much searching is a blessing as it screams if a window or door is opened while the alarm in switched on, a great way to catch a teenage girl trying to sneak out to meet her boyfriend and a great way to enable me to sleep the night through.

home safety

Another advantage is that the security system came with a panic button so even when the girls are alone if someone breaks in they push a button and it alerts the local police who can come out within minutes.

Now I know I don’t live in South Africa anymore and I know I live in a safe area, but being prepared never hurt anyone.

Jann Webb is a mother of three and a strong believer in home security. She recommends home security systems in Canada and you can follow her on Google+ for other tips.

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