Fire Safety Tips for a Dry Summer

This past summer has been one of the driest on record for many areas of the U.S. I’ve been doing some reading and I’m seriously amazed at how little weather some places have had. My city usually sees a significant amount of rain and thunderstorms during Tornado Season, but even then it was dry and hot for the most part. This kind of dryness leads to a concern about fires in a lot of places. We’re not just talking about California and western states, though. Anyone can be more at risk for fires in a dry climate, regardless of their location.


My grass has been burnt for the better part of the summer. One night when we were having some friends over for a small bonfire, I spent about 30 minutes watering the grass around the fire pit to ensure that it was good and wet. I was just picturing an ember falling out or an ash flying off and starting my entire yard on fire, which would have eventually led to the house. In light of this concern, I looked up some simple fire safety tips that made me feel much more at ease around my house this summer.

I spent a lot of time weeding around my home. I killed what weeds I could and tried to make sure that there wasn’t a lot of dead or burnt vegetation near the house. That way, if something did happen, it’d be far less likely to add fuel to the fire near my home. I also made sure that grills and fire pits were out and off, unless they were being used. I made it a habit every night to check the stoves and the grill before bed. When we did have fires, I watered the yard and then made sure to douse the ashes and embers in water before going to bed.

It’s been a little extra difficult to be fire safe this summer, but it has definitely been worth the effort. I even installed extra smoke alarms in the house just to be safe. One of the best alarms I have is the one that’s tied into my home security system. When I bought the system, I remember almost foregoing the fire alarm feature. Now, I’m glad I opted for it because it’s giving me a lot of peace of mind that I didn’t expect. I found my alarm by reading home security systems reviews at Happy Health site. If you want extra security and protection in your home, I recommend an alarm system like this. It’s not just about fire safety, but about keeping your family safe in general.

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