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Fire extinguishers are essential tools for saving lives before fire services can reach locations. Either a fire extinguisher can be used to halt small fires before they spread or they can be used to dampen flames to provide a quick escape route. However, be aware that different types of fire extinguishers are designed to combat different types of fire. These types of fires are separated into different classes, from class A to class F. On top of these classes there are also electrical fires. Certain types of fires are more common in certain areas like offices, which are most likely to suffer from class A fires, which are from ordinary combustibles fires from wood, fabrics, many plastics and paper, and an office will also be more subject to electrical fires. A certain type of fire extinguisher is more suitable for different locations, therefore.

Types of Fire Extinguishers and their Uses

The choice of fire extinguishers on the market attempts to deal with all eventualities, be that a domestic or commercial extinguisher. There are water, powder, CO2 and foam extinguishers. Water extinguishers combat class A fires from ordinary combustibles. Powder extinguishers are for class A fires as well as for flammable liquid fires and class C flammable gas fires. CO2 extinguishers are so useful because they do not harm electrical equipment; as such they are useful for offices in cases of electrical fires and flammable liquid fires. Foam extinguishers will combat class A fires, flammable liquid fires and is especially useful for combatting fires from cooking fats and oils. Multi-purpose Household extinguishers will deal with class A fires, class B and class C fires. Car and van extinguishers are great on electrical hazard fires, flammable gases and liquids which means they can be stored and used easily in a car or van.

Accessories to Fire Extinguishers

Accessories to fire extinguishers include stands, cabinets and spare equipment. A fire extinguisher display will need certain elements to complete it, like a hose reel that can be swinging, fixed manual or automatic. There are even dirt repellent hoses. The correct brackets are needed to fix an extinguisher to a wall and there are plenty of extinguisher covers to choose from if you do not want your extinguisher open to the elements. Moulded fire stands are available in plastic or a double point fire stand is available to store the extinguisher or there are store cabinets. Instructions plates and fire buckets are other accessories you may like to consider.

Other Ways to Distinguish between Fire Extinguishers

Home extinguishers will vary according to size. This is important because size dictates weight. The ingredients of the canister will be stated in weight on the canister, but the canister itself will add a few pounds to the overall weight of the fire extinguisher. Some rechargeable extinguishers will have metal valves or disposable canisters will have only one use plastic valves. Rechargeable ones will be more expensive to buy but will be less cheap to run in the long term as they can be refilled. A pressure gauge will alert you when the canister needs to be refilled. Fire extinguishers should be used on every floor as a complement to an organized fire plan, which should let people know how to get out and where to meet in case of a fire. People should also know how to call 999. Calling the professionals is the best way to make sure your building is safe again. A fire alarm should be set off before anyone attempts to fight a fire. If a fire is large or spreading very quickly then it is best not to attempt to fight it on your own as it could be dangerous. If you do decide to fight a fire, make sure there is a clear pathway for you available to escape if necessary as you fight the fire. If it grows significantly in the time you fight it then leave as soon as possible and close all doors behind you as you go. In the end, let the professionals decide if the fire has been fully extinguished.

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