7 Safety Tips For All The Single Ladies

When you and your best friend decide to live together, it’s kind of the best decision ever. You get to hang out all the time, gossip about boys and people you don’t like, and whenever you feel like staying in and drinking wine, you have a buddy right next to you. While it’s super fun and exciting, you need to be mindful of some security tips for ladies living together. Here are 7 helpful safety tips for girls living together:

1. Tell her where you are.

That’s the point of a roommate! You have someone to look out for you. When you are going to be gone for the night with your boyfriend, let your roommate know. It might get a little annoying, but even let her know for simple things like if you are just going out to the store for eggs. A simple text will do the trick to let her know where you are and vice versa.

2. Use the buddy system.

When you do decide to go out for a night on the town, bring your roommate! I mean, you guys are best friends already so you probably hang out all the time. But make it a point to have someone you trust with you when you are going home. There are safety in numbers. If you need to walk home, make sure you have your buddy with you to ensure safety.

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3. Invest in pepper spray.

If you don’t have this in your purse, you both need to grab some. It’s small and compact so it can even fit in your clutch for the night. If your roommate doesn’t have any, go out and buy her some for her protection. It’s easy to use and I know I always feel safer knowing that it’s within my reach at all times.

4. Know who is coming over.

Sure, the guy at the bar was super cute at the beginning of the night, but your roommate just met him. Don’t let her make any mistakes that she might regret tomorrow. Plus, you don’t even know who this guy is. This is how scary movies get started, ladies! Leave the boys at the bar. Go home with your roomie.

5. Access your neighborhood.

This is where Google is your friend. Research apartment complexes and different areas around the city you are going to be living in. Sure, it looks great online, but really read the reviews. Before you sign anything, go check out the apartment for yourself. Make sure you aren’t going to be living in the ghetto. No thank you.

6. Install a bigger lock.

In my first apartment when I lived alone, I had a dinky little door lock that didn’t do much to make me feel safe. If you and your roommate are in the same situation, go talk to your landlord. They are sure to understand that you need a more heavy duty lock on your door. In fact, it will probably be free!

7. A good alarm system will do the trick.

Smith Monitoring, ADT, and Broadview are all great names when it comes to home security. Install a home alarm to be sure you are monitoring who is in your home at all times. You can even download the alarm.com app to monitor your home while you are out for a girls’ night.

About the author: Carly is a blogger for Smith Monitoring. She has practiced all of the aforementioned security tips to ensure that she is safe!

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