3 Ways to Protect Your Home From Vandalism and Thef

Your home is your haven, and it is also one of your biggest life investments. It houses most, if not all, of your prized possessions; and it is where you spend most of your time with your loved ones. So, it’s but natural for you to want to keep it safe and secure from thieves and vandals.

Home invasions are actually common occurrences these days not only in busy cities, but also in nice suburban areas. Even though police efforts have been empowered so as to reduce the number of home invasions, which sometimes result in casualties or severe injuries on the part of homeowners, there are still a lot of burglaries happening today. Another concern is vandalism. The deed could either be done by juveniles or experienced vandals who deface other people’s properties for reasons only known to them. Experts explain that certain individuals are driven to vandalize properties in order to: get revenge; pass a “test” in order to join a group; impress others; make fun of others; or express views or feelings. The main problem here is that vandals cause thousands of dollars of damage to property; and sometimes, they could injure residents too.

Because it is impossible for the police to watch over your home 24/7, it is prudent to take measures to fortify your abode from wrongdoers. Such security measures will not only make your property much more secure from criminals and vandals, but these will also keep you, your worldly possessions, and your loved ones much safer too.

Put Lots of Outdoor Lights

A well-lit area discourages would-be violators because they can be easily seen. You can put halogen lamps, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) or other types of energy efficient light outdoors. If you are worried about energy consumption, there are many ways to reduce costs. For example, instead of turning outdoor lights on for the whole duration of the night, attach lights to a sensor so that these only turn on when someone gets near your property. There are also floodlights attached to motion sensors that immediately light up when movement is detected. So, the added benefit here is that burglars or vandals will think that the lights were turned on because someone saw them.

Get Security Cameras – Even Dummy Ones

Most people stay away from properties that have security cameras. No one wants their faces on video, which would make them easier to find. Plus, video footage could be used as evidence in court too. So, have a few cameras surrounding your property. Also, put cameras near entry points, like gates and doors. You can even use dummy cameras that cost less than real ones. This gives the illusion of you having a more secure home because of your fake cameras.

Set Up Sensors and Alarms

Sensors and alarms work really well together. You can place sensors around your property so that in case someone tries to get in, these gadgets will detect the disturbance and warn you. There are several types of sensors. Some can be triggered by motion, while others easily detect body heat. As for alarms, you can either go for silent types or very noisy ones. With the silent alarms, these should be hooked to your central security system so that you’ll be immediately warned in case of a perimeter breach. Then, you take the necessary steps to confront the violator or to report him to the authorities. The advantage of silent alarms is that you can take others by surprise. As for shrill alarms, well, they are noisy. The noise these gadgets make will scare away most people.


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