Why It Is Important To Get Your Heating Boiler Serviced

Boilers that are used to provide heating or hot water are not often thought about until there is an issue requiring repairs. The boiler in your home needs to be serviced regularly to make sure it will continue to operate efficiently. There are many reasons why you should have your boiler serviced at least once each year.

Repair Costs

If you do not regularly maintain your boiler, then it may break down in the future and cause you costly repairs. Many people do not realize that their boiler can develop problems because they assume that it is working normally. Annual maintenance is often cheaper and can detect any potential issues that may need to be addressed to prevent futureĀ boiler repairs.

Energy Costs

A boiler that is not properly maintained will not be running efficiently. The longer that a boiler is used it will begin to run less efficiently. Calibration that is done during regular maintenance is able to return it to peak efficiency. Boilers can also have soot build-up and sediment that accumulates in the tank. If the boiler is not periodically cleaned, then it will need to work harder to provide heated water. A boiler that needs to work harder will use more energy and lead to higher utility bills.

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Health and Safety

Boilers run on fuel, such as natural gas and even propane. Any gas leaks may lead to health issues that are due to increased levels of carbon monoxide. Regular maintenance can detect if there is any type of gas leak at your boiler. You also need to check that your carbon monoxide detector is working and if a one needs to be installed. Testing of your boiler will ensure that there are no gas leaks.

Landlord Responsibility

Gas safety in an apartment or house that is rented to a tenant is required by a landlord. Boilers installed for a renter are required to meet current building codes. You can be held liable is you have a boiler that is not being properly maintained. This is part of the agreement between a landlord and the tenant.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Warranties that are included on boilers that are installed in a home often will be void if the unit has not been properly maintained. A warranty may also state that a licensed professional needs to perform any needed maintenance to be covered. Manufacturers may not honor a warranty if maintenance has been neglected.

Additional Information

Contact a licensed plumber to perform an inspection and any maintenance of your boiler. Boilers that have regular maintenance will lead to lower annual utility costs. Servicing a boiler is important so it will be fully functional and able to provide heat and hot water when it is needed.

Paul Slater is a freelance writer working for 0800 Repair Gas Services. Specialists in Boiler Repairs and Central Heating Installations.

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