Top Tips for Dealing With Burst Water Mains

Top Tips for Dealing With Burst Water Mains

When you water mains burst it can be a very stressful situation and you do not know what to do. You are not the only one. This how-to-guide may be able to help you out when you are in that situation.

Tip 1 The first step when your water mains burst is to remain calm. Stressing about it will not get you very far.

Tip 2 You should attempt to turn off your main water supply to stop more water flooding out of the pipes and to prevent any potential or further damage to your home. This is usually underneath the kitchen sink. This will stop your water supply while you are organising a plumber. If you cannot do this yourself, then wait for a plumber to arrive.

Tip 3 The next step is to find a plumber. Usually, this step for many people would be to call the water board, such as Severn Trent or Anglian water, but this step is not necessary. In most cases, the water board will redirect you to their website with a list of watermark approved plumbers in your area, so it would be quicker for you to eliminate this middle man and go directly to a plumber. However, this step can differ, for example, a homeowner would follow this step, but someone who is renting a property would not follow this step because the landlord should be contacted to deal with burst water mains.

Tip 4 Once you have found a plumber or burst water mains specialist in your area, give them a call without having to contact the water board first. One example of a professional water mains replacement company is ClearFirst Water Mains Replacement they carry out jobs in many areas around the Midlands and Yorkshire, such as, Derbyshire, Birmingham and Sheffield. They are professionally trained to deal with situations like these and they experience it every day.

Tip 5 The plumber will be able to provide you with a quote for your water mains replacement.

Tip 6 They will then be able to identify the location of the leak and how serious it is. Water mains sometimes burst when they are just old or not in very good condition, so once the plumber has identified the problem, then they will be able to begin with the repairs and get the leak fixed quick.

Tip 7 If a pipe is damaged and needs replacing, then the burst water mains specialist will be able to use impact moling or trenchless technology to lay new pipes without the need for digging trenches.

The important thing to remember here is stay calm! Once you have contacted a plumber or burst water mains specialist, they should be there shortly to fix your problem. Also, remember it is not necessary to contact a water board first with your problem because that is taking more time than you need to. You can contact a plumber or water mains replacement specialist directly and have them come out to your house to fix your problem. This saves time by eliminating the water board because it is not a necessary step.

Daniel works for Clearfirst Water Main Replacement, which offer quality water replacement services in UK.

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