Not Just for Chips – The Cleaning Power of Vinegar

You are most likely familiar with vinegar as a delicious condiment that can often be found tag-teaming your fish and chips with its buddy, salt, or acting as a pickling agent for the gherkins and cocktail onions in your kitchen cabinet; but are you aware that this taste-bud tickling ingredient is also a wondrous cleaner for your home?

What does vinegar clean?

All kinds of nasty bugs, moulds and ground in grime and grease can be combatted effectively using vinegar; in fact, you can you can use it to clean the following:

Mouldy bathroom grout

There is no doubt about it, black mould is not a good look for your bathroom grouting – unfortunately, over time, most bathrooms will start to develop traces of this unpleasant life-form, no matter how fastidiously the walls are wiped down and cleaned – unless, of course, the cleaning regimen includes vinegar!

When mixed with bicarbonate of soda, few substances are as effective at shifting unsightly mould from your grout: just grab a strong brush and scrub the vinegar and baking soda in: with a bit of elbow grease, the mould will be wiped out and removed, restoring your grout to its former glory – in fact, aside from a bit of discolouration (which can be eliminated with grout whitener) you can rest easy in the knowledge that the mould itself will most likely be as dead as a doornail.

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Greasy kitchen surfaces

That burger you fried up may have tasted gorgeous, but the mist of grease that now coats your countertops and kitchen floor is something which could turn out to be a real hassle to clean if left too long;

By mixing up a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar, you will have an awesome cleaning agent which can be used to break down grease and grime on all of your kitchen counters; if you dislike the odour, you can add a few drops of lavender oil (or whichever essential oil tickles your fancy).

For easy application, pop the mixture into a plant spray bottle and spray with a fine mist across your troubled kitchen surfaces; then, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Grimy Windows

If your glazing is so grotty that it makes you feel like you are living through a solar eclipse all year round, it is time to take action and give your windows a thorough clean;

Although many modern window cleaners will turn their noses up at vinegar and newspaper as an effective cleaning method (most modern pros just use detergent, cold water and a squeegee), sometimes the traditional methods can also produce great results, especially when old methods are mixed with the new.

In the case of vinegar, a little goes a long way: splash half a cup into your bucket of cold water/liquid detergent mixture, then wipe off using crumpled newspaper, for streak-free results.

Doug Dillon runs a company which offers specialised cleaning services for both domestic and commercial cleaning sectors.

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