How Commercial Cleaning Companies Make Your Tiles Sparkle?

There are times when scrubbing with just soap and water just does not seem to work for a variety of reasons. Scuffed and dirty floor tiles at times will need something more than just your power to scrub them. In cases of extremely stained and dirty tiles it may be a good idea to resort to using industrial grade cleaning methods and ingredients which are similar to what commercial cleaners use. You don’t have to do this yourself because you can always hire a commercial service to restore your tiles but if you want to save money doing it yourself certainly is a good idea. Below we will look at the tools and ingredients that commercial cleaners use, and which you can use too to restore your tiles to their original glory.

Home steam pressure cleaner

You can effectively disinfect and clean your tiles using a strong blast of hot water with steam. Ideally, you will want to use an industrial steam tile cleaner but if you don’t have one it is easier to get a cleaner on rent from your local home improvement store. Once you have the machine all do is to load the cleaner with very hot tap water and a non toxic soap solution or any other cleaning solution as suggested by the manufacturer of the machine. Once your machine is loaded you just need to turn it on to start blasting grime and dirt from your floor tiles. Many industrial machines also have a suction tool which can remove all the dirty water once the dirt has been knocked loose.  The machine works a lot like a vacuum cleaner in the sense that you just need to drag the flat end of the machine across your floor to clean it. Some machines have an attachment to clean wall tiles. That said it is important that you wear boots and gloves when operating this machine as hot water can easily burn you.

Use oxygen bleach

Oxygen bleach is very effective when it comes to removing scuff marks, dirt and gout from tiles. This is a non-toxic solution and will not react with fabrics or emit any hazardous fumes when used. This makes it perfect for home use and by a regular person with no training. All that is required is to mix one cup of oxygen bleach with a gallon on regular tap water, after which you mix it a bit so that it dissolves quickly. Then dip your mop into this solution and spread it evenly over the tiles or allow it to sit for 30 minutes on the tiles prior to cleaning it up. The tiles can be rinsed with warm water and a sponge. The same solution can be used to clean counter tops, back splashes and shower walls.

A neutral PH cleaner

If you have delicate tiles like stone or marble you need to take very special care not to damage them during the cleaning process. Most professional cleaning businesses will use a neutral PH cleaning solution to clean marble, travertine and granite tiles along with a slightly different approach. Before you do anything it is strongly advised not to use any type of highly basic or acidic solution to clean marble or any other stone tile as it will change the original color. Also, general tile cleaners are not a good idea because they may scratch the marble. Start by first removing the debris from the floor and then mop up all the dust. Pour a good neutral commercial stone cleaning solution on the floor or squirt it from a spray bottle on stained sections of the floor. Then mop up the solution using a clean soft cloth. You can go over the floor a second time with a flat mop for some extra shine.


The best way to ensure that your tiles are not damaged during cleaning is to always find out what it is made from. If you are living in a rented apartment ask your landlord if the tiles are ceramic or made from stone. You should then clean them based on this information and the guide provided above. 

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