How Clean Are Your Surroundings?

There’s an old saying that ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’. Quite where that comes from is anyone’s guess, but it certainly has a very important message for every one of us who has ever picked up a bottle of bleach and a damp cloth!

Cleaning Products Galore
In most houses the cupboard under the sink is full to bursting with all the janitorial supplies on offer from the local supermarket. Some of them even show signs of being used!

The basics are probably washing-up liquid, bleach and possibly a degreasing spray cleaner or two and a limescale remover.

The kitchen is probably the most used room in the house and is where food is prepared, so it has to be spotlessly clean. No dead flies on window sills, greasy walls or dirty floors. And certainly no pet litter trays or bedding.

Today’s janitorial supplies are so easy to use and take all the hard work out of cleaning. Normally it’s a quick spray and wipe with a clean cloth and this should be done regularly. Spray all worktops with a sanitising product and wipe off to clean, then spray again to disinfect.

Sweep the floor thoroughly and wash with a good degreasing product to ensure removal of spillages and cooking detritus. A nice clean kitchen floor always looks good and some products have an inbuilt polish, so you get a lovely shine too. If you have a polished tiled floor using products which don’t leave watermarks can be a good idea so you get a great finish.

Take Care
It pays to be careful when splashing bleach about. Not only can it burn holes in carpets and textiles it can also take the colour out of a garment or affect a surface. Some modern sinks expressly advise against using bleach as it can etch the surface of the ceramic.


A splash of bleach down the loo is a good idea as it will clean the enamel, getting rid of stains and germs. But be careful if using with other products as they don’t mix and harmful vapours can result. These won’t do you any good if you breathe them in, so just use one product at a time.

It’s easy to make use of the huge selection of products on offer in the shops and online. They will make your home or workplace smell lovely as well as ensure it’s clean and hygienic and a safe place to work and play.

This article was written by Dolores Curzon, a nurse at a large teaching hospital. She is currently researching the actions of certain cleaning chemicals on different surfaces, she read some interesting information on

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