Five Essential Features of a True Green Roof System

To many, a green roof means a vegetable or plant surface with live organisms living on it. Used in many large cities without the space for a garden, these types of building coverings can provide a nice park in the sky. But for the many others who either do not have one of these living surfaces atop their home or who live outside the city where they do have space to grow a garden on the ground as nature intended, environmentally friendly building products can still exist.

A true green roof is more than a garden in the clouds; it is a surface that is sustainable against the elements, reducing the amount of waste and energy created by high installation, products and maintenance costs.

The following are five positive features of a green roofing system:

1. Cooler Temperatures

One of the main features is the temperature it keeps around it. The products used should naturally be able to keep the air in close proximity cool, reducing the amount of energy required to lower the temperatures underneath the surface.

2. Lightweight

Green roofing materials are lightweight, allowing for reduced fuel expenses when transporting the goods used to build the surface and reduced waste when the old one is destroyed.

3. Solar-Ready

With the increase in solar panels used to generate energy, it is important that the top of a home or building most exposed to sun rays is able to have solar panels installed in order to be sustainable.

4. Energy-Efficiently Processed

The processes used to build and destroy the materials must also be environmentally friendly. If there is an efficient process used when creating the supplies needed to have a strong, sturdy and sustainable surface, then the roof is considered more efficient overall.

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5. LEED Credits

In order to be recognized under reputable programs that encourage environmentally friendly living, such as the LEED program, a roof must be constructed in a particular way, using specific products. Manufacturers who are recognized by these and other councils have been inspected and can be trusted to provide high quality sustainable supplies to develop long-lasting efficient surfaces.

If you’re interested in learning more, go online and research companies, such as Duro-Last Roofing. They provide homeowners and landlords with innovative solutions to reducing their overall energy costs while investing in sustainable supplies that will create a benefit to not only their pocketbooks but also to the environment in which they are constructed.

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