Helpful Tips For House Fire Recovery

Returning home after a fire can be a traumatic experience. The home where you once felt so safe might still smell of smoke, and depending on the severity of the flames, the damage might be intense. After the premises have been checked for safety and after you are allowed to return, the next step is to consider what can be recovered. When it comes to recovery, there are a few tips that can help you move forward and get things back to normal.

Kitchen Tools
Many of the metal tools in your kitchen may be covered with a layer of grime from the flames or the heat. When dealing with things like pans, pots and silverware, you only need to wash them with soapy water and then to scrub them with a very fine powder cleaner. If you want to restore things to a high shine, choose polish that is specific to the metal of the object in question.
Books that are not destroyed outright are often very wet because they are hit with hoses. A wet book should be treated right away to prevent mildew. Place the book in a vacuum freezer, which will remove the wetness from the book. If a vacuum freezer is not available, make sure that you place the book in a freezer until it can be dealt with. In many cases, the local library can assist or provide further information.
Walls   Walls often end up becoming covered with soot. To remove soot, pour one gallon of water into a bucket and mix it with about a cup of bleach and about four tablespoons of tri-sodium phosphate. Put on gloves to protect your hands and then sponge this solution onto your walls. If you have wallpaper or otherwise delicate walls, dab a small amount of this cleanser onto the wall in an obscure place before proceeding; this allows you to see if any damage has been done. After the walls have been cleaned, rinse them immediately with warm water. To get the best results, work from the floor up, and do the ceiling last. If you wish to repaint your wall, wait until the walls are completely dry. This may take several days.
If an appliance has been exposed to water or to steam, make sure that you consult with an electrician before you use them again. They can give you further information on how to proceed. Similarly, in many cases, the gas to the home and the power have been shut off. Do not attempt to open the lines on your own; contact the local gas or electric company to do it for you.
I’ve found the reconstruction after a fire is rough, but it is far from impossible. Get all the information that you need and get to work on turning your house into your home again!

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