Three Ways To Make Your Gift Basket Stand Out

The gift basket has become a holiday standard: a quick and easy way to show someone you remember them, and likely to light up their face with delight when they see the goodies you sent. However, gift baskets have also become boring. Who really needs another pile of candy canes and chocolates, or fancy cheese? Okay, well, we wouldn’t say no to the chocolates, but still. The best gifts are the ones that are personalized with the recipient in mind; which is why this year we recommend you choose a theme for each of your gift baskets to let the recipient know you care. Be creative in your gift giving and create something they have never seen or recieved before. That will be an unforgettable present for any occasion.

Here are three of our favorites:

The Spa Basket. How about that friend with the 80-hour job, or the mother of four? Sure, they’d love chocolate-covered cherries as much as the next person (and we’re not saying you can’t include those too), but what about something to help them relax? Picture a basket with three pleasantly scented candles of different heights, surrounded by some relaxing bath powders, a tin of peppermint tea, and an essential oil diffuser. Instant spa anyone?

The Movie Basket. Everybody has a friend who loves movies. Maybe you can’t guess which obscure DVD they still need to add to their collection, but you can bring the experience of the movie theater to their own living room. Picture this: a package of gourmet popcorn, surrounded by all the classic movie theater concessions: Milk Duds, licorice, Dots, the whole mix. And if you do know what movie they want, slide a copy of that in, too!

The Love Basket. You don’t have to wait till February to remind your sweetie you love them. What about a red basket with dark chocolate, two candles, a hand-written love letter, and a photo of a favorite trip or event together? Of course, actions speak louder than words: top it off with a coupon for a half-hour massage… preferably performed by yourself, for one romantic evening.

There are lots of ways to assemble a gift basket that’s quick and easy but still sends a personal message. It just takes a little creativity. What are your ideas for themed gift baskets? Any one of these baskets could be your next gift idea!

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