Three Gifts Which Could Use A Little Leather

If you are on the hunt for a unique and luxurious gift for a loved one, or even if you fancy just treating yourself to something out of the ordinary, have you thought about picking an item made from leather?

Whilst plastic and rubber are versatile materials, we live in an age where they seem to be ubiquitous: mobile phones, computer components and other electronics are typically comprised of the stuff, but even sofas are now made from ‘pleather’, car seats require a ‘luxury’ upgrade to have you sitting on something more than manmade fabric and if you pick your next pair of shoes at random, there is a good chance that you could end up with unnatural fabrics on your feet.

At one time, leather used to be the only real choice available to manufacturers looking for a flexible, durable, workable material: cheaper options like plastics and manmade fibres mean that these days, leather is typically only used in more high-end or luxury items;

Let’s take a look at three leather gift ideas which won’t have you breaking the bank…


Leather Bound Journal

Whether you are a regular Hemingway or if you just wish to note down recipes, diary entries or produce a few sketches, you can now do it in style by choosing a luxury leather-bound journal; whatever is contained in the pages of your journal will now be wrapped in a material which will help to protect it over the years and transform what could be a boring little book into a desirable object.

Leather Wallet

Think about it: chances are, you take your wallet with you wherever you go; as such, it is subject to wear and tear on a daily basis; if you use a canvas or fabric wallet, there is a very good chance that it will eventually fail after years of use and start to look pretty tatty before long; good-quality leather, on the other hand, will age and soften nicely as time goes by and give you a classy accessory which you won’t feel embarrassed to reach for the next time you are dining in a fancy restaurant.

Leather Photo Album

These days, digital photography is all the rage: however, there is still something to be said for physical photographs which you can tangibly examine; a photo album is a place where all of your favourite shots can wind up: ensure that they stay safely protected for future generations by investing in a beautiful leather-bound album.

Tony Martin runs a small studio which specialises in the manufacture of hand-crafted leather goods, such as leather journals, wallets and photo albums.

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