The Importance Of Choosing A Meaningful Greeting Card

Greetings cards are a staple token of wishing someone well or showing feelings of elation and happiness, and they can also be a way of expressing sentiments of sorrow and sadness. They are a safe and innocent way of letting someone else know that you care, whatever their situation.
If you know the person well then the days of just picking up a quick, cheap card from your local supermarket are largely gone now. Nothing quite screams “I care, but not enough to think about it” than a card that was picked up for fifty pence on the commute to or from work. Naturally, some companies jumped on the opportunity to create cards that instead scream “I really do care about you”.
Online stores are a great example of this as certain sites have created methods of making good quality custom cards with personalised messages. Some even allow the option to include imagery and others have come up with ones that incorporate video. The feeling of receiving a card from someone who has obviously spent a lot of time personalising it is a very warm one and one that will certainly not be forgotten very quickly. On the other hand, receiving a card from someone who has obviously used the spare change without much thought probably means that they will not be near the top of next year’s Christmas card list.


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If you do not want to revert to type and send a traditional greeting card then you are not alone in that way of thinking. Some people want to go one step further and really display their affection towards someone. Others will include presents with the card, while some will decorate it with anything ranging from glitter to sequins.
Other options available are e-cards. In a world that is becoming dominated more and more by the technological age a standard method of communication now is email so it makes sense that greetings cards will make the transition to the digital world. Cards can again be tailored and personalised to the consumer’s liking but can also easily include animations, video and even games.
For those who like to show their affection via more tangible methods, personalised CDs are still a great way to do this, or you can put the music on an iPod. The list of possibilities is endless so hunt around for the best way to show that you care.

This blog post was written by Stacey Carper on behalf of the craft and card suppliers

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