Personalized Christmas Presents for Kids

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1) What are the examples of personalized Christmas presents?
2) Why should you choose a silver money box in a unique shape?
3) What are great baby gifts?
4) How much does it costs when you name a star after your child?
5) What personalized Christmas present is right for active kids?

Christmas is fast approaching. If you have kids in your life, you need to plan your gifts now. If you are tired of giving toys that only get used a few times, personalized Christmas presents are a great alternatives.  Here are some examples.

Christmas presents for kids

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You can order personalized books for your children. The main character is named after your child. Your child will have fun hearing a fairy tale about him or her every night before going to bed. Story time will never be the same again.

Money cube or box

Instead of giving the usual piggy bank, choose a silver money box in a unique shape such as an ark or a wishing well. Have it engraved with your child’s name. This is a memento that can be passed on to future kids.


If your child is just starting to learn to eat, a set of engraved cutlery is a great Christmas gift. When your child gets old, you can keep it as a remembrance. If it’s a valuable set, you can keep it in the family to be handed down to future generations.

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Rompers or onesies

Personalized onesies or rompers are great baby gifts that are much appreciated. Babies grow fast and they need a constant supply of new clothes. Have the clothes embroidered with the child’s initials or choose a custom-made design for a truly unique gift.

Name a star

For a gift that’s truly out-of-this-world, you can name a star after your child. For around £20, the British Library will name a star after your child which will be stored in their records forever. You will also be given a certificate to prove it.

For active kids

For active kids, you can choose to give personalized swim bags and towels with their initials or names embroidered or printed on the material. You can also give personalized water bottles. This will encourage your child to drink enough liquids during the day and will also encourage him to skip sugary beverages.

Blankets and pillow cases

For smaller children who need lots of nap time. Personalized blankets and pillow cases are good choices. You can be sure that the child will be able to use these gifts for a long time.

Christmas tree ornament

In the spirit of the season, you can give a custom-made Christmas tree ornament. You can choose the design, style, size and shape that suits your child’s personality. These are wonderful presents that will surely be used every year.

When buying a gift for children, keep in mind its function and usability. A gift that will last a long time is always best.

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