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It is, as they say, the thought that counts. It doesn’t matter if a gift is large or small, cheap or expensive; what matters is whether it displays a truly personal touch. Making the effort to find out someone’s favourite brand of perfume or aftershave, buying a piece of jewellery that features their birthstone or having a keepsake engraved with a name or message shows that the buyer has really put some thought into the present – a gesture that is always much appreciated.

Not so long ago, the sheer amount of physical force required to engrave an item meant that only sturdy objects made from solid metal, wood or stone could be considered. Today, thanks to laser technology, it is possible to engrave just about anything, no matter how small or fragile it is.

From mobile phones and MP3 players to coffee mugs and picture frames, you are limited only by your imagination. Even items with uneven surfaces can be now be successfully engraved.


A personal touch
One new trend in personalisation that is particularly suited to tobacco lovers is to engrave cigars. While cases, lighters and other cigar accessories have long been favourites for engraving, it is only recently that the cigars themselves have been able to personalised in the same way.

Intense laser light is used to remove pigmentation from the tobacco leaves, creating letters or patterns that can carry any message you desire. The process does not damage the cigar and does not take away from the pleasure of smoking it, leaving no chemicals or residue behind.

Unlike a personalised cigar band, the message remains in place right up until the time the cigar is smoked. With the entire length of the cigar available, you have far greater freedom about what you want to have etched on its surface.

A unique invitation
Cigar engraving can be used to create a truly unique memento to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. Add whatever details you like: a name, a simple message, a line from a song – the choice is yours.

You could even order a set of personalised cigars to be printed with a date, the address of a venue and the name of a guest and send them out as invitations to a retirement party, stag do or similar event. Even non-smokers will appreciate them.
If nothing else, engraving a great way to ensure no one else smokes your cigars by mistake!

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