Four Gift Ideas People Love

Gifts are not hard to come by.  Finding gifts people will love is another story.  Do you have an upcoming graduation, birthday, anniversary, or other variety of celebration warranting gift giving?  Are you searching the creative corners of your brain for a great gift idea?  Look no further.  Consider the following gift-giving philosophies and ideas.

Gift Cards

Some people think gift cards are a bit too unemotional and impersonal.  However, in many cases they are the difference between giving something people don’t want and giving them the opportunity to take your funds and get something they truly desire.  Wouldn’t you rather have your friend or family member experience the latter?  Think about it from your point of view; how many times have you embraced the gift of money and/or gift cards?  Even if a plastic card seems pretty sterile at first, a gift giver will think of you again when actually buying goods and services with your sentiment.


It’s pretty easy to open your wallet.  Though we all work for our money, just handing over money in exchange for a gift does not require much effort.  Alternatively, making your own gift is much more unique, thoughtful, and costs a lot less.  They say it’s the ‘thought that counts,’ so think of a thoughtful creation, such as a collage, short story, games, etc.  Think of the likes and hobbies of the to-be recipient; thinking of them helps with engineering a thoughtful, unique make-your-own gift.

Surprise Gift

This is a bit alternative, and could just seem like a reason to stall; but, if you can plan something great in the future, it could compensate for having no gift at ‘normal’ present-giving time.  Consider giving the recipient a thoughtful card with a message of “This card is good for one surprise gift in the near future.”  Again, like above, this notion is unique.  Rather than celebrating the exact date with a gift, you’re trading conventionality for a chance to wow the recipient in the future with a surprise gift.  This could take the shape of a dinner, day-cation, visit to the spa, etc.

Picture Frames

Buy picture frames for a gift recipient.  They say pictures are worth a thousand words.  Many people enjoy hosting pictures of loved ones at home or in the office.  If it’s a close friend or family member, buy picture frames, placing pictures of you and them in the frames.  One can be a formal picture; another can be a candid or silly shot, expressing the fun side of your relations.  Many enjoy personalized gifts.  The notion of framing personal pictures is a grand sentiment, and often makes for a better gift than something you can give to ‘just anyone.’


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  1. Ice Correa-Gastala says:

    It is really nice to give a gift to someone special that came in your heart or with originality. By collecting old pictures & make it a collage is one of the the best gift that we could give because we will exert time & effort there for someone we loved.

  2. Evaristo Malbueso says:

    These ideas mentioned are very effective on how to choose a gift. To add, you don’t only give gifts when there’s a special occasions. People will also appreciate the simplest of gifts even in ordinary days. Regardless whether you bought one or made your own gift, what matters is the message that you are sending to that person.

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