Expand Your Holiday Gift Ideas Using These Three Gift Categories

When special occasions arise, such as a birthday, graduation, or wedding, a person wants to give their loved ones a special and unique gift. Many people give traditional gifts like gift cards, stuffed animals and other novelties. But why not say “I love you” with a gift that your loved one will never forget? From delicious baked goods, to the ability to make your own bobblehead, the gift opportunities are endless.

Satisfy their mind, body and soul with some of these unforgettable gifts that will leave a lasting impression on your loved ones.

Baked Gifts- The way to someone’s heart may be their stomach. Let your friends and family taste the love! Feed the body and soul with a cake, brownies, or special homemade bread. You can buy a person’s favorite meat, cheese, or chocolate and put it in a custom made basket.

This is especially a great idea for a college student who will need all the quality food they can get. This will certainly give them a much needed reprieve from microwaved noodles and pizza. The only downside to this gift is that it does not last forever as it must be eaten. Make it yummy!

Handmade Gifts- A handmade gift is great because it allows you to give someone a specialized one-of-a-kind gift. Gifts like these are not reproductions that come off a production line, these are great to give someone a gift they will always remember. You can make a gift basket by combining multiple items into the basket, sew together a blanket, or engrave a special gift, such as jewelry, to let your loved one know you care.

Customized Gifts-
There is not better gift than one that is specifically tailored to your loved ones personality. There are some many options to a customizable gift, for example, you can make your own bobblehead, put together a photo cube or create a calendar.

This option allows you to give friends or family a personalized gift that reflects their personality. Something like this will surely make an imprint on someone’s memory, giving them a loving memory that will always make them smile.

Give a Gift to Remember

Whether you give the gift of food, a handmade gift, or take the time to make your own bobblehead, a fight should always be from the heart. Showing someone you care by tailoring a 100% original gift not only provide a great gift, but demonstrates that you took the time to show that you care.

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